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Well I'm glad to be sitting here adding to my profile, and explaining why I have chosen to embrace and do the 100 day Reality Challenge.

I recently deferred from doing my Masters Degree in Theatre Studies, for a couple of reasons, first and foremost was because of my financial situation. Now that I have deferred I feel alot better in myself and calmer. I was just going through the motions of doing this degree for the title and status that go with it, not because I had a particular area I felt passionate about and thought needed research - this is really what I want to do - find an area that I feel passionate about and explore and research it further, thus utilizing my potential, for my own and the greater good.

I am in the process of seeking a full-time position with RED Arts Centre - this is going to open soon and I will be offered the position of Administrative Assistant in this organization. I am valued highly in this organization; my skill is utilized and given the opportunity to be developed upon further, and as a result of this, I have alot more skill and expertize to utilze and contribute to the role I undertake within this organization
Season 1
Intentions & Goals:
To learn and develop Peace and Reconciliatory skills, and to then utilize these with my imagination, creativity, energy and passion within a full-time position, within an organization, that facilitates me in contributing, enhancing and working towards facilitating the growth and development of other human beings in their lives. And of course the remuneration I receive for doing this work will be more than enough for me to live comfortably and without financial worries

To be part of a pro-active, progressive and creative team that works towards social development and cohesion

To pass my driving test

To attract and maintain true loving relationships into my life

To stop thinking negatively, and instead to transform the thought into pro-active progressive thinking and action

To work positively towards uniting my family, and helping all to heal, grow, develop and learn from our past

To be aware of my behaviour and ways that are not conducive to my happiness and well being, and to act on this information to prevent myself from creating further pain and discord in my life

To put my time, energy and creativity into things that will enhance and develop me further in my life

To utilize and develop my creativity, thus realizing and actualizing myself to my maximum potential

To look after myself, i.e. get haircut, eyetest and new glasses, head massages and sure what the hec, some deep tissue body massages too

And of course yoga and pilates exercises, swimming and walking to keep me physically fit and healthy
Vision Board, Journaling, Gratitude Journal, Reading, Fitness, Meditation, Affirmations, Creating intentions, Take 100% responsibility for my life

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At 4:03pm on November 9, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
The meditation your doing sounds amazing I am really thinking of getting into it myself. I would love to calm myself completely and then visualise. If you find out something interesting in bhutan let me also know I will see if i can come on a trip when your there love adventure.
Will let you know hoe the meditation comes along.
See ya
At 3:41pm on November 9, 2008, Sonia Johnstone said…

Good morning Johannah hey thankyou for sharing your journey with us all your blogs are sooo encouraging blessings to you & your family over there in GGGorgeous Ireland BBBig hugs Arohamai SoniaJ
At 5:27am on November 9, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
Hey Johannah even I am relaxing right now though I have an awful cold. Will check out that jerry and hicks video have never seen it til now. The main problem in the law of attraction is building undoubted belief and letting go of the desire it truely takes a lot to build that belief. Sometimes I am actually afraid if I visualise a lot I make that wish too important and somehow my mind feels its too big to attain lot of confusion on all these topics right now. In the mean time maintaining the gratitude spree. Of course giving is a great feeling so that is an activity which can be safely done in huge amounts. Tell me how your meditations go have you had any unusual experiences. You should try and come to India sometime there are many places where you can explore styles of meditation.
Take care
At 3:40pm on November 4, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
Hey Johannah good to hear your being pampered by your house mate. Bangalore was a lot of fun. Interacted with a lot of new people, a completely different culture. My exams are going on so this week is completely filled with them. Waiting for saturday. I have joined Shiamak Davars classes for dance and going for them even during the exams :) They are amazing fun.Now getting back to studies and sending you loads of positive energy.
Take care
At 5:15pm on October 27, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
Hi Johannah, long time. Well I had gone to attend my friends wedding in another city bangalore had a great time there. However things are a little messed up in my relationship right now not very sure whether to continue or not. I am sorry I am always discussing a crisis. I have been losing touch with all my positive techniques and haven't used any of them in a while now. From tomorrow I am going to get back on track and start doing all the possible techniques I know to create heaven for myself. How are things going with you. Please send me nice long messages like your earlier ones love reading them.
At 12:06pm on October 26, 2008, Dinah said…

At 1:41pm on October 20, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
hey johannah had bad time today. I was not able to clear a procedure to get a job in a company which I had really wanted. Feeling a little low but trying to make the situation better. I am really trying hard to stay positive any help is welcome.
At 1:51pm on October 15, 2008, Johannah Watters said…

it was on the above website i found what's below - if you want to find out your dosha go into the above link, theres a quiz to take... mine was interesting, apparantly I am tri-doshic = equal amounts of all three doshas.

Johannah X
At 1:04pm on October 15, 2008, Johannah Watters said…
Exercise tips for Doshas
Our bodies are designed for physical activity – to move and breathe and circulate our vital life energy. More than 5,000 years ago, the master Ayurvedic physician Charaka wrote, “From physical exercise, one gets lightness, a capacity for work, firmness, tolerance of difficulties, elimination of impurities, and stimulation of digestion.”

In fact, getting regular exercise is the most powerful thing you can do to reverse the aging process. As Drs. William Evans and Irwin Rosenberg of Tufts University have documented, exercise alone improves muscle mass, bone density, strength, aerobic capacity, and many other key biomarkers of aging.

To keep your body in peak condition for as long as possible, you need to exercise it regularly, but this doesn’t mean pounding your muscles into shape. In the Ayurvedic view, exercise is meant to leave you feeling invigorated, happy, and ready for the day’s activities – not exhausted and in need of painkillers.

The secret is finding some physical activities that you like and that are suited to your mind-body type or dosha. Here are a few guidelines:

Kapha dosha

Kapha doshas have strong, steady energy and great physical strength. They therefore can excel at endurance sports such as long distance running, aerobics, dance, soccer, rowing, and so on. Any kind of aerobic activity that works up a good sweat is powerful for clearing Kapha congestion and sluggishness.

If you are predominantly Kapha, your biggest challenge may be finding the motivation to exercise. If you have not been exercising for a while, you can break the inertia by starting with brisk walking, beginning with half an hour.

To feel a noticeable improvement in vitality, it’s important to experience some sweating during your exercise, so you may want try wearing a two-layer exercise outfit, such as an all-cotton sweat suit under a nylon suit. Gradually increase your exercise to include jogging, hiking, and bicycling.

Pitta dosha

Pitta types have a strong drive and tend to like challenging sports such as skiing, hiking, tennis, and mountain climbing. Because of their competitive nature, Pittas need to be careful not to increase their stress while exercising – stewing over every bad golf shot or wanting to win at all costs.

If you are a Pitta type, you may especially enjoy winter sports of all kinds because you can handle cold better than Kaphas and Vatas. Pittas tend to have less endurance than Kaphas but are good at all exercise in moderation. You might like to try long-distance bicycling or Rollerblading. You also will benefit from taking a leisurely walk outdoors in a beautiful area. This will give you a change from your usual determined pace, allowing you to deeply experience nature’s beauty. Finally, swimming is an ideal exercise for Pitta dosha. The water cools the heat of PItta and relieves the accumulated tension of the day.

Vata dosha

Naturally enthusiastic, Vata types have bursts of energy but tend to tire quickly. If they are out of balance, Vatas are particularly prone to getting carried away and pushing themselves too hard. Feeling dizzy, exhausted or on the verge of cramping are all signs of Vata imbalance.

Those who are predominantly Vata benefit enormously from grounding exercises such as yoga, easy walking, bicycling, and dance. These activities help Vata doshas develop much-needed strength, balance, and agility – as long as they don’t overdo it. In the winter, indoor exercise is recommended for Vatas because they are averse to cold and don’t have enough fat and muscle to protect themselves form the elements.

In short, choosing exercises suited to your mind-body type will give you the greatest benefits and enjoyment. If you are straining to follow a workout program for the sake of your health but aren’t enjoying it, you are not likely to stick with it.

No matter what your current fitness level is, the key is to move your body and breathe. Develop a regular exercise routine and you will experience the flow of vital energy and fulfillment.
At 6:31am on October 14, 2008, sumayya shaikh said…
Hi Johannah I love the fact that you have sent me such a nice long message.I think this community is all about that. We seem to be in a similar situation as far as getting a job is concerned I am in my final year MBA and our job placements will start in mid november.But the job market is down right now. What I am trying to follow right now is to select one company that I really really want and focus on it. I have even gone and seen the building so that I can make a strong visualization. I can have a very real picture to manifest then. I try to imagine myself going to work there as if I already have the job.

As far as fitness is concerned you have to inspire me. I have gained like 25 poundes in the last 2 years and now it is about time I do something about it. I have started the master cleanse today lets hope I stick to it. I really indulge a lot in food on a daily basis so I need to get some kind of control.

Its really nice that you have a park close by where you can go for walks. I would love to live in such surroundings.
Sometimes when a person goes very deep in meditation and within they tend to get isolated from the outside world. Relationships, friends everything appears in a different light because a kind of self sufficiency comes in you. So just find a balance between both the worlds.

I really like your earlier snap though even this one is nice. Please continue sending me long mails with all your emotions pouring out I will do the same I am sure this cleanse will make me quite irritable :)

see you till then and keep visualising.

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