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Comment by IsisOakmoss on October 30, 2008 at 11:11am
Some of my all time favorite fight movies. Yes, I know fighting is bad but, I am a tom girl and, I recieved my black belt in Tae Kwon Doe in 1998 and, have always been a fan of martial arts as well as boxing. As a little girl I use to watch the Rocky movies and just get filled with this energy that came from deep within side of me. I thought it was agression but, had found out it was determination will and heart. Watching these movies brought that emotion to surface and I loved it. My favorite of all the rocky movis is number 5.The fight between him and Tommy Gun has always been my favorite and always pumps me up. I know violence is bad but, there is something about this ending that makes it sooo good. Also the capoeira movie is another great movie based on a true story. I had gotten my black belt when I was 16 and, I loved every bit of that training and the feeling of my body. It was not about the fighting for me it was more about the science of the movements and the disipline that it gives you. I have always loved a good fight movie and its not the violence that thrills me its the heart.


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