The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A RealiZATION!!! - I'm on the BRINK of something BIG!! - Day 26 S1 AHHHHHHHH!!!

The Realization -
At the moment - I'm a student AND a teacher

A process I'm using that's working for me..

1. experiencing life as a student - grabbing my journal and jotting down the things that currently frustrate me... etc.

"i wish i had more demo's, i don't like phone time"

2. Then, finding the questions focused around what I'm wanting

"How can I enjoy phone time AND book lots of demo's?"

3. setting that aside.. doing something that feels good... singing, speeding past slow cars, watching hilarious youtube videos

4. grabbing the journal again, affirming that "I have the answer" -
reading the question.. and letting the answer flow into my consciousness...

It works!! for me.. try it!

- The BRINK is, for me, transitioning from creating more of what is to creating more of what I want!! -

After 3 months of nearly daily studying of the laws and abraham.. I can FEEL that I'm on the brink of something BIG! and oh, just stating that feels good.

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