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100 Day reality challenge - season 1 - day 10 - part 1

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Comment by Theresa Moser on June 20, 2011 at 12:17pm
oh my god sorry i wrote so much, but it just comes out of me!!! it´s only an idea of what i know about myself!!!
Comment by Theresa Moser on June 20, 2011 at 12:16pm

But you are not manic depressed!!! You are gooing through a prozess of change!!! This is normal!!! What you have to do is... This is gooing on in so many heads of people!!! So please you are not!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!

What you can do is... create a person that is you wich is sooo beautiful and open and lovly... and wise, some kind of wise, you, ore someone else..... that when you come in the state of selfdistruktion... than this person appears in youre mind, and she or he will tell you in logic way the trueth!!! That when you maby feel alone, then she comes and hugs you and tells you that there is always someone, she will huge you and be youre mother for the time that you need a mother..... when you are agressive, then she will come and say that this is not your real you, and she will remind you to now transform youre energiy as fast as possible, because then the problem will dissapear, it will turn up again, but this time you will know.... ;hey is there really something to be now aggressive??? And actually you know, that there is nothing... there is nothing!!!! Nothiing in the world!!!! You are a free soul on a journey to youre bestself... problems are not existing anymore because you are searching for keys to heal the world... not to think about not existing problems from the past, that you were carring around too long !!! This is now over!!!

From this time on, that you make a nother dessision, or do something totally diffrent, it makes click in youre brain very easaly!!! Andyou can put this on every situation!!! Every situation is build the same way..... It´s like on earth yu can do so many things that you most of the time loose the big picture!!!! But when you see the big picture everything that holds you back is meaningless, because there is only important to Grow GROW GROW, we need you now..... the past is done.... SO IF YOU WANT TO HEAR IT!!!! I NEED YOU LENE LARSEN..... WE ALL NEED YOU TO FIX THE PUZZEL..... So here am i now to tell you.... YOU ALREADY GOT THE KEY!!!! When you are the person that you like, then you are real, when youre drouning somewhere else, there is the Trueth that tells you.... now change, help open youre heart.... that are the moods..... BUT I CAN TELL YOU, THAT NOW YOURE DONE, BECAUSE YOU NOW THAT THIS IS NOT YOU!!!!! DON´T GO THE WAY DOWN, AND THEN REALISE, THAT NOTHING HAD TO BE LIKE THIS NOW, DON`T GO DOWN, STAY THERE WE`HERE YOU ARE; AND LOOSE THE ADDICTION TO BE, ANGRY, FRIGTHEND; .... or what else!!! There is nothing!!!


The next time just wonder, and speak with the all known lady in you, she knows everything!!! And she can help you right in time, always!!!!




Comment by elf on June 14, 2011 at 7:47pm
Your channel and vids are alive. Beautiful laugh you have!I wish you well on this trip. Your interests in hypnosis and NLP interest me as well. Gives me courage to begin vlogging soon. Namaste Lene!


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