The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 22: Insanity Workout & Clearing Relationship Space

Actually starting the Insanity Workout is a bit of a thrill. Internal work in clearing out old relationship habits that no longer serve me to make space and ...

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Comment by Chrystyna on April 14, 2015 at 10:51pm

Thank you ladies for your comments.


Yes, I agree that the internet is not always a reliable place to meet people, especially if it is our number one avenue to do so.  Holding an intention of meeting more great folks (or romantic partners) off-line is a great place to start making decisions from.  Let's do it!

Steffie Kay:

Great to see you on here again!

Thank you for the encouragement. 

Exactly, I am all about starting to build a community (or 'tribe' as people like to call it) that is a bit more suited to my needs.  Just starting off by realizing that I can pick and choose my interactions with people more carefully, basic my decisions on what I want as an outcome.

If you have any tips I am open.

Comment by Steffie Kay on April 14, 2015 at 12:49pm

I totally am understanding what you are clearing space for new relationships. you present so strong and ready to move to a new look GREAT! and FREE and you are at a very exciting time...I think this is something that other people ( me for one...some of my friends too) are looking at getting closer to what they really want in life and need to have a community that supports that.  CONGRATS CHICA!!! the work out is very inspiring....good for you!

Comment by Athena on April 14, 2015 at 1:25am

Firstly, great about the Insanity Workout and well done!  Yes, I want to increase exercise in my life & have plans for this.  Also I DO kinda understand what you're talking about in regards to clearing relationship space.  I think I've been and on and off but mostly on, online dating things since about late 2012, I think.  Anyway, I've decided although it's been interesting and sometimes a fun journey & I'm pleased I've learned things & met people and so on, I'm VERY GRADUALLY eliminating that and my plan is to - again very gradually! - get out more to groups, like meetup groups etc. and meet good people offline.  I've deleted three things now and I will probably end this relationship that is not really serving me, within the next few years and I've taken some steps towards that already.  I see this as creating space too!  Creating space for the good ones to come. With one of the things I deleted, and I only started all this about 3 days ago by the way! I think, I felt that freeing feeling, because a lot of the messages have just been more annoying than anything so it felt GOOD to let THAT one go! 


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