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Comment by Michelle on March 25, 2013 at 4:28am

Thanks Michelle, so glad it helped. I've been really emotional all day, it has been weird. I really do feel like something big happened today and wouldn't you know it, all of those delays made progress since I posted :) 

I'm feeling as though I have popped out the other side.

Definitely sounds as though we are on similar journeys, just keep at it Michelle, the 2nd guessing is the resistance showing up in it's current form. If you can sit with it and clear it you will feel so much better. My energy is through the roof again. This morning if you had told me it was because of that internal battle you would have been able to knock me over with a feather!

Comment by Michelle on March 25, 2013 at 2:36am
YES, YES, YES!!! Michelle, this really resonated with me today and I thank you so much for sharing! I am at a similar close to launching the business and things don't seem to be coming together as I would like...I have even had thoughts of starting over, changing the business name and going back to the drawing board with my service offerings. Not sure if this is because I am not 100% happy with the direction I had for my business idea, and after doing a lot of soul searching about what I really enjoy doing and what inspires me to get up each morning, I feel the business is now going to go in a slightly different direction.
The limiting beliefs for me are similar in that I too, don't believe that I am worthy of being an entrepreneur...growing up, I was always told that I start things and never finish them...this was true in some instances, but not in others. I now feel that as I get close, the fear creeps in and I think I am not worthy and feel perhaps I should change paths. I totally get that intuitively we know that this happens, but it's so hard to shake it sometimes. You have helped me to see that I need to push through this and tell myself that I do deserve it and that I do have something to offer others....keep doing what you are doing, Michelle, what an amazing journey we are on! xxx


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