The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 71. 1st Skip Day. 2nd Pulled Knee. My Health Story.

Yup, this week I had my first Skip Day and my 2nd pulled knee. Why am I doing this? It's in the video.

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Comment by Let there be Light on June 2, 2015 at 2:14am

Hello Crystina!

I'm so GLAD I clicked on your video...

I resonate to a lot of what you say and I think you definitely have the appropriate mindset right now. The pulled knee sent a message and you got it, and that's the most important thing right now. I'm sure you'll heal fast and your body is working on it right now to get you at your best. The message was hidden in that past experience and you shone a light on it by saying what it was (you were definitely not blabbing through). I'm happy your journey is being productive! \o/

You asked for some comments on ppls journey, so here it goes mine: I'm starting a new season on new habits and I chose 14 new ones to acquire!! It sounds like it's too much, but they're pivotal for me right now, so I'm trying it anyway. I just finished writing my 1st day post and my heart kinda aching because it hurt to put out my "dark parts" so I could heal them... But I'm still here and moving forward! Thank you so much for sharing the video with the community :D. I felt so much of that "career, promotion, marriage, babies" thing haha... Life taught me we're different kinds of stars and shine when we're ready to do so. Happiness is constructed day by day and few, very few are brave enough to make life instead of following pre-established patterns of living... You're on your way to your best body, sooo...




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