The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day1 Night Session Task Completed, 3rd June 2009. LOA started working

Well I compelted my First Daily Task of finding reasons WHY I wanted my Goal ? I came up with 20 diffrent reasons why I should go for this Goal. I am happy. We humans get real satisfaction when we complete a task or Goal.

Now as saying goes "Journey of thousand miles begins with single step". I am proud that I successfully took the first step.

May be weeks from now I may get heart broken by some temporary defeat and I would get the feeling of quiting my Goal. On that gloomy sad evening these 20 reasons will motivate me to get back on track. These 20 reasons will act as an magnet and force me to march towards my Goal.

Frankly I don't know all the answers to start my dream Project and raise $20 Million but as I watched in the movie 'The Secret', How is the domain of Universe. So right now I am not having any anxiety or worries that how I will get this huge amount in next 100 days.

I can only say If I play my role sincerely and faithfully, Universe and Law of Attractions will also play its role.

I am only concentrating on each days work and I am trying to live in Day tight compartment i.e., I am closing the doors of Past and Future and doing the best I can do in present moment.

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