The 100 Day Reality Challenge

part 2

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Comment by Faith on November 25, 2011 at 12:53am

Hi Gypsie,

Thank you for your offer of friendship.  I think you are very talented and getting your art , perfumes, and such on line is the way to go.  One should always follow her heart no matter what.  People are just coming into their power now.  Your heart knows where your true talents are.  I'm glad you're tuned in enough to follow it.  Your colors are beautiful and I love that you charge your perfumes with Reiki.  Continue to be true to yourself and keep on following your heart.  That is your compass in life.  It will only lead you to your true destiny.  As I always say, "Now is the Time".  If not now, when?  You're right on track.



Comment by Faith on November 25, 2011 at 1:18am

Yes, I know that depression is a real bear.  I have changed tremendously in the past year.  It is wonderful to start loving life!  Your art I'm sure really helps your healing.  I have used lots of healing meditations and music as well.  It helps to get out of your head and back down to your heart.  That's where all the magic happens.  I release everything that is out of harmony with the Divine Plan.  It means constant vigilance.  But we are all ripe for the change now.  It will get easier all the time.  All emotions and false beliefs in ourselves are coming to the surface now to be released.  Breathing through the challenging feelings that come up can feel overwhelming.  It helps to say they are there to be acknowledged, healed and released.  You are filling up with light instead.  There's not enough room for the depression.  You can rejoice that you are coming into awareness of your Divine self who is, by nature, joyous!



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