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Season 1 Day 81: Feeling and becoming aware that I can feel connected to energy. I feel close to God, Angels, and can feel close to certain energy from certa...

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Comment by FreeAislin on October 3, 2012 at 12:34pm

Hi Sarah...nice insights. Finally, there is somebody. I know, about what you are talking. :-))) You´re not crazy, just you have your antennas outside and you opened lot of doors and let the energy in. I know it out of my own experiences. Sometimes it´s scary but on the other hand it´s a gift. Yes, I feel the magic, too. It´s freedom. But we have to take care of negative energy of other people, who want to load negative energy  on our body.

It´s really amazing, how we deal with energy. For me it´s a gift and a help making decisions.  If I´m in a really good mood I feel the energy around me and of other people. I can feel if somebody is very reserved or open-minded. Or if I struggle with something I talk, write to angels and they response very quickly. They say, how you said it, too, like keep on going or that´s not too bad or they ask me something for helping me to find an answer. Very often I have the feeling if I oversee a car on the street, while I want to cross a street, something hold me back, before the car hit me. It´s like suddenly my steps stop or I feel kind of a arm in my abdomen or I step back without thinking I have to do it. That happened twice today, because my thoughts were somewhere else. Or I see a lot of feathers on my way or lot of fives. 5 is my lucky number. Signs, that I´m on the right way.

I´m so happy that you have chosen this topic. It´s really nice to write about it even I wrote nearly a novel.

I love to feel the energy, too.

Have a wonderful day....lots of love and positive energy.:-)))

Comment by Sarah Pohrman on October 3, 2012 at 5:23pm
Yes! Thank youuu for sharing! Its nice to hear same/similar experiences happen for you too!! Isnt it fun when that happens! I really really love the magic and connection!
We should talj on webcam or telly sometime btw;-)
Comment by Sarah Pohrman on October 3, 2012 at 5:25pm
Huggss!!!! Big hugs!! Thx for relatin'!! Id love to have a friend to talk to who understands the energy thing
Comment by FreeAislin on October 5, 2012 at 7:33pm

:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ...I can feel the magic, too. That makes me speechless now...I´m reliefed that there is a friend, with whom I can share those insights. So in that way we don´t feel so alone and understand each other without thinking how in sort of crazy we are. We´re just stepped out of the mainstream, going deeper, finding the magic in the world and the connection between us. That´s really amazing. That makes me really happy.

Yah....thx for your invitation talking over the webcam someday. Let´s see, when it´s possible.:-) Do you have Skype?

Big hugs back!! :-)

Lots of love...have a wonderful day with lot of magic...I wish your dreams come true. 


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