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Update from the Abundance Workshop I attended last week and I am trying out a new and better approach to eating. Yeah!

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Comment by Claire Gillen on September 30, 2009 at 7:12am
Hi Adrienne, sounds an interesting workshop - can't wait to hear how it impacts further! I've been trying the raw food thing myself, doing breakfast and lunch raw with cooked evening meal. but now it's getting colder I've slipped back a bit.

I DO believe raw eating is hugely beneficial for me so will get back on the train! Leslie Kenton's book inspired me more than anything ('Raw Energy'). I definitely lost weight on my 2 raw meals a day and it's not going back on yet so fingers crossed:-) More importantly, I just felt so much better, physically and emotionally. Lunchtime salad here I come! Look forward to hearing more and will watch your vids in future.
Comment by Clarissa Kelly on September 29, 2009 at 8:33pm
Hi! I'm behind but this is a great video even a week later!! ;)

I have some of the same limiting beliefs about not wanting money (or I did) and we have to see it as a form of currency, or energy, that it is just a means to an end. I am getting better with money, though i have had an issue with some of that idea that money=snobbery (especially right now at my son's school, lots of parents with good jobs and big houses). Glad you are feeling free from those old statements!

Thanks sooooo much for the comment you left me last week about family. I am so ready to let them just take their own life paths!! I am letting go of what their "stuff" means to me, how I react, etc. I already feel a lot stronger. I am focusing in on my marriage and somehow it seems easier, having let go of needing to be there for my parents. My heart is open to them, but I am putting my own needs WAY first. ;)


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