The 100 Day Reality Challenge

just making another video cuz I'm so inspired and want to share GOOD ENERGY with YOU on this GOOD DAY!

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Comment by Amy Stevenson on April 2, 2010 at 6:47pm
I know that I look forward to meeting you! I know that my vibrational energy is starting to manifest the awesome things that I have asked for. I know that I love your creedo "Magic Passion Love" and that it is a powerful statement to the Universe! I know that I am continueing on my search to find my SoulMate, and I still love the man that I love. I know that it will probably bring him much relief to know that I am letting him go, and he need not feel guilty or bad or worried about hurting me, as I know he has been wonderful to me. I know that I am excited and scared of the unknown, but that is becoming more and more 'known' to me as I move closer to perfect alignment with my wants and desires. I know that I am the only one responsible for my life, my happiness and my well-being. I know I am loved, adored and admired, and that is a wonderful feeling! I know that I love this website, and that it has been the perfect place for me to come to... I know that there is so much for me to learn, and I love the path that I am on. I know that it is the right path for me, and I am not worried about anyone's reactions to it, because I know I am not going to change anyone, or push against anyone's beliefs. I know I love mankind and my purpose is infinite, and I know I am ready to step into that infinity!

Thank you for all that you are, Joanne! I appreciate you so much!
Comment by Love Life on April 3, 2010 at 10:48am
Yes Every Day Is A Good Day!! Love it & thanks for the inspirational video!! :)


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