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Hello this is my 2nd video this week and I'm getting out of my comfort zone, again....I wanted to talk about nature and the importance of grounding and how I work and what my process is when I work with my creations, and how I get inspired. Basically what's important to me is to get out into nature, and I've been doing this for quite a while, before I've had a day's painting, I would go, especially when I lived down by the sea, I would go for a long walk down along the beach, and just clear my head and I found that I was able to, I felt more inspired to create my paintings and I felt clearer in my head and its only recently that I've realised that it's because I was grounded, I was more grounded. Because when you go out in nature you naturally ground yourself and also if you're bare footed when you go out as well, I'm not saying go out for a walk and take your shoes off but if you can stand somewhere on grass without your shoes on and maybe do a little grounding process where you bring the energy in down through your feet. A lot of my mediations, at the end of the meditations I go through a process of grounding so you might want to watch some of those to get that technique right. So basically I go out in nature, I run, I walk or I cycle, and I'm trying to do it on a daily basis, some days I can't do it but I think it's really really important to have that balance because if you're bringing in inspiration being a creative and a sensitive you need to have that grounding as well to balance and to be able to express that outwards, you need to be grounded. So if you're a web designer or maybe an internet marketer where you're being creative its really really good for you to get out in nature , I can't express that enough to you that it's so important, especially nowadays because we've got so much, we're being bombarded with information all the time and sometimes it just gets all too much. Get out in nature, clears your head, grounds you and you're ready to express yourself fully. So I just wanted to share that with you, so that s my 2nd video done, and I shall speak to you soon. Bye!

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