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How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Days - Ha

Me talking about how to lose your mind so you can lead from the heart...or something like that.

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Comment by Clarissa Kelly on September 14, 2009 at 5:04pm
Just checked the CCOR homepage to see who else had posted and found that you just uploaded one more (I was catching up with you today). ;)

RAIN, hooray, we had a little last week, it has been DRY here in Oregon this summer, too. I am so ready for fall!

Okay w-h-o-a, this is soooo what I am going through. I am really just letting my heart lead, it's like my head is turned off or at least the volume is turned down. My head has been telling me NOT to do something that I needed to do, out of fear, but my heart took over and it was like my body and mouth moved on auto-pilot and went ahead.

My brain just goes and goes, too, I have let it lead for much too long. I like how you said that we are more IN-ternal when we are using IN-tuition, or our heart knowledge. Cool...

I look forward to hearing about the abundance workshop! I desire an abundance of everything right now, would help me in following my heart, not to see myself as lacking. ;)

CK xxx
Comment by Poetry Girl aka mytruestory85 on September 14, 2009 at 4:31pm
I don't like when it's raining, it makes me feel depressed *lol* I'm still doing things from my mind rather than from my heart. hm.. have to work on that :) btw, I'm the complete opposite - I think way too much ;)


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