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The best manifestation video ever. 5 Minutes after watching this I received a call about making alot of money through gifting. Now some dont like gifting but, the universe saw it fit to bring that video on you tube to me by " accident"-we all know there is no such thing as accidents. Anyway,I watched the video and felt compelled to call. When I got the call back, a day later it was right after I watched 'I am a Magnet to Money!" Hmmm? What does the universe think about this, are they telling me that it is possible for me to make a great amount of money doing this? After speaking with Allen ,the man on the video I was not only impressed with him but, I knew that this would be great for someone like me. So I will be starting soon and, when it comes to Allen even if the gifting were to go a little slow I would know that I have a great new friend. Allen is a man moved by the universe and positivity and he did not pressure me nor try to sell me for one second and he has a laugh that makes you giggle.So I wanted to re-post this song again so that everyone watches it. So if you see that this video has not been posted on the home page for a day post it! So we can spread the wealth!

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Comment by Magsy on November 2, 2008 at 10:02pm
I too love this money video and am so glad you told me about it. Not much luck manifesting money yet but I'm sure it's on the horizon and will arrive any day now. Besides I have way to much fun singing my heart out to not not watch the vid :)


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