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Michael Losier Law of Attraction UK Seminar Campaign ★

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Michael Losier, Author of Law of Attraction - The science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you dont, has aligned with Me (YaY!) (AkA - Liz Green AkA The Law of Attraction Queen) to help plan organize and manifest a monumental Michael Losier Law of Attraction Seminar (or seminars) in the UK ♥

Right here - right now - in this present moment we don't know the how's when's or where's Law of Attraction says we don't need to. We just know many people in the UK want to see Michael & he would LoVe to do his Seminar here too... It's a Match....

The intention is set and the energy is in motion!

Gimme a WHOOOo HOoOOoo! :))))

The Vibrational Energy of this Law of Attraction King with my Vibalicious Queening around and ViBe spreading is bound to lead to lots of magical manifestations and to keep this energy flowing.... We NEED YoU!

This is about YoU Too, its for YoU :)))

★ We need your energy, attention, focus and Inspired Action if you feel the ViBe :)))

★ We intend for you to join this journey of co-creation.... If you are serious about being there click attend here on the event details Don't worry about the dates for now - the UniVerse will orchestrate the perfect date :))))

★ Spread the word, click share, invite you friends along. Get Excited and let that EXcitement FloW FloW FloW far and wide.... Allow the UniVerse to work its MaGiC!

★ If you can directly help get the word out to lots of LoVely People in the Uk, have the inspiration and feel aligned get in touch with me direct - Liz@liz-green.Com - I am feeling calls to action on the IDEAL Radio, Youtube, TV, Mailing lists, the IDEAL mind, body spirit, Law of Attraction orientated avenues... Trust Your ViBes on this one :))))

This is the perfect opportunity to align offline as well as online and be involved in seeing something spectacular unfold. Your chance to play with the UniVerse....

If you've got the GooSebuMps right now I would take that as a "Yes YeS YES count me in!"

This is what the UK is calling out for right now, I guess thats why I am here typing this today....

Further updates to follow stay tuned guys ♥

To learn more about The Law of Attraction & Michael Read on.....

A powerful force is at work in your life right now called the Law of Attraction. At this very moment it's attracting people, customers, situations and relationships into your life. The problem is, not all of those things are the way you want.

But there's a straightforward way to change that. So, if you're ready to take the next step, join this interactive high-content training session and expect to learn GREAT tools and information on how to tap into Law of Attraction deliberately — the art of Deliberate Attraction.

★ Michael Losier is an NLP Practitioner and a Law of Attraction
Trainer and Professional Speaker enjoying his life in Victoria, BC,
Canada. Michael logs hundreds of hours a year as a radio and
TV talk-show guest and is also a frequent keynote speaker and
seminar leader for conferences, corporate training sessions
and for spiritual centres.

To learn more about me click here -

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