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Online Dating Shocker - Are All the Men Really Fat and Ugly?

Online Dating Shocker - Are All the Men Really Fat and Ugly?

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Comment by John Alexander on February 4, 2009 at 12:35am
I loved the video about the online dating shocker.
Comment by Ellen on January 30, 2009 at 2:39am
I liked the part near the end where Dan & Jennifer basicly said to work out the good old Law of Attraction & find the guy yourself!

And as for whether all of the men (or women) are really unattractive, how many professional photographers took these pictures? I know there is a lot of photographic talent on the 100 Day Reality Challenge, but my photo, for instance, was taken by my daughter, and the last time I convinced her to do that was a while back. I realize that I look a little stiff but I don't feel that way. Perhaps the person who wrote in thought she was looking at catalog quality photos instead of strictly amateur stuff!
Comment by James & Terry on January 29, 2009 at 11:15pm
Personally I might suggest that a person think of themselves of a great worth

In simple terms If G-D Created the heaven and earth and much of it is rather beautiful.
EG Waterfalls, Walking on the beach or climbing a hill to see a greater view... Then consider this;...Your Life has value 'NEVER' sell yourself cheaply.
Really I run multiple Groups and blogs online and It is my opinion that no one really is a good cyber-friend, do they really want to come up higher..Not really much of it is a facade and when you do find someone of RARE quality the fruit will be evident..
First they will want nothing from you but for you to seek the High Call and a greater life.

How about this instead
Think that every one is created and sent into this life for a purpose,... If you go the right path you find happiness If on the other hand you choose the wrong path the opposite is true.
There is a Rabbinic teaching that G-D sends the soul into the earth,... it is split in two, into a female body and the other in a male body.
If you meet up,... that is your true soul mate...[ not sure that is an absolute but something to ponder]

I suggest you ask the Master to help you find the right soul mate...[ I have always noted that YAHweh (G-D) hears the Heart Cry of HIS Children] ...And forget the foolishness,... It will only hurt your heart many times over and in the meantime,... Remember you are of great value,.. NEVER sell yourself cheaply

Signed:Making the wrong choices can affect a lifetime,... Ask me I know.
Lastly read the Book on my page It is a Love story and a journey up the mountain....Trust me you want a greater view,... the wrong path will steal your joy.
Comment by Bruce Goldwell on January 26, 2009 at 7:56pm
As for the looks comment... eventually you might want to sleep with the other person and if they don't attract your physically then... yea pass on that one.. LOL.. as for the men let themselves go.. mmm.. men have been thinking just the opposite of women.. for the most part.. we are all attracted to different things.. some men and some women like very round people.. so it is all a matter of taste.. there are also people who are very fit who are married and otherwise attached to people who are not.. in some cases personality wins over looks.. I have met lots of people with great looks and no personality... and there are those people as well that are not what I call attractive.. think they are.. and have very little personality.. online dating... you would have better luck at winning the lottery... head down to your local store now to get your ticket... as for finding Mr... or Ms Right online.. yea.. there is a long shot... I myself have successfully avoided.. not necessarily on purpose.. even remotely meeting anyone I want to date.. where are all the nice, attractive ladies that have a nice personality, and believe that staying somewhat in shape in any sense of the word.. ??

I have seen some online. but everyone is so leery of others that making contact online is a remote possibility. well that is my take.. I keep my vision board posted on the wall. and maybe someday.. my dream girl will show up...

thanks for the nice video..



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