The 100 Day Reality Challenge

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  • Day 5 Season 3

    Day 5 Season 3

    Overcoming a lack of faith and lack of sleep Prosechild Mar 29, 2009 35 views

  • Day 1 Season 3

    Day 1 Season 3

    I'm so excited to start another season.. last season was amazing in terms of inner personal growth.… Prosechild Mar 24, 2009 38 views

  • Day 100!!! Season 2

    Day 100!!! Season 2

    I made it to the end! Its true what Abraham says, the better it gets the better it gets. Brief revi… Prosechild Mar 4, 2009 45 views

  • Day 86: This is hard!

    Day 86: This is hard!

    I'm just whining a bit... thinking about the next season as this one quickly comes to a close. Tryi… Prosechild Feb 17, 2009 69 views

  • Day 81 Season 2

    Day 81 Season 2

    Its getting so close to day 100.. can't believe I almost went 20 days without doing a video. But tr… Prosechild Feb 12, 2009 30 views

  • Day 70: Rewatched The Secret

    Day 70: Rewatched The Secret

    My reaction to seeing the movie again, and the steps I will take from here. The better it gets, the… Prosechild Feb 2, 2009 72 views

  • Day 65 Season 2

    Day 65 Season 2

    Today was a feel-good happy day. Happy manifesting! Prosechild Jan 28, 2009 36 views

  • Day 63 Season 2

    Day 63 Season 2

    I haven't done a video in a while.. more focus on my desires as I continue to narrow down what I wa… Prosechild Jan 26, 2009 31 views


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