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Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. SIGN IN REGISTER Has anyone ever tried Hair loss treatment Minoxidil?

If you have, does the hair that grows from using it, fall out as soon as you stop using it? I want to use it on my facial hair, there are few bald spots that have randomly occurred recently, no idea why, but ive been looking up minoxidil, does the drug make the hair follicles that are already there but not growing stop growing once you stop using it.

Yep, like Propecia you've pretty much got to use for the rest of your life or it will stop working.

If you have 'bald patches' developing on your face, maybe you should see a doctor? Because that's not normal, or at least it's not degenerative mpb (male pattern baldness) which those said treatments above are specifically for?

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