The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi everyone,
It seems that there is still a significant need for nice communities where people can relax, enjoy clean chat and to get away from drama and toxic behaviour.

I have been convinced to start another community as many people like to have a choice in what kind of community (or guild) they would like to be in. Large, small, PVE, PvP, levelling or whatever else they want to do.

I've started a new server and welcome anyone who would like a quiet place to relax and have a nice clean chat with newfound friends. The server just opened up today, so we are a very small community, but it should grow fairly quickly, judging from previous experience.

All like-minded people are welcomed. Whether you play alone, no one else in your guild, no btag friends, or suffer from anxiety, depression or just want to help out players. No matter the reason, feel free to join us.

You may also make a post in this thread with your btag and/or Discord info as I will be checking this thread regularly to add people.

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