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Rivals when you're applying for a job - what's your etiquette?

I was watching an old episode of The Bill earlier in which one of the Sergeants (Ted Roach) is applying along with several other candidates for a job (in this case promotion to Inspector). It showed the awkward period before the interview where he and all the other candidates were sat together in a room, awaiting their time to be called in for the interview.

It reminded me of when I have been in that situation myself several years ago. I remember one time in particular when in 2013 I was in a room with about 6 other candidates and it felt extremely awkward because nobody knew whether to speak or to even look at one another. People reacted differently, but obviously none of us felt comfortable in each other's company!

Just wondering how other people handled being in this type of situation? Did you talk to the other candidates? Smile at them or look away? Perhaps you wished them "good luck", whilst secretly praying they'd foul it up completely to help your own chances! 

Any stories you can share about it?

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Might as well not talk to them.You're probably never gonna see each other again, anyway. I would have just minded my own business and aced that job interview. I think it's not awkward as it turns out to be if I'm in a room together with other candidates.


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