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Why is it that Blizzard always gives the best races to the Alliance each expansion?

First it started on BC. Horde got a typical pretty race to balance numbers since people want to play pretty things, that was fair, but the Alliance got Draenei who are objectively much superior to Blood elves.

Forget that they are a retcon that's not important but in their lore we learn that they are Eredar. Eredar being the super duper awesome race that attracted Sargeras himself to make them the secondary leaders of the Legion. They are nigh immortal without the need of some weird well or tree, bigger and stronger than Blood elves, their raw magical talent was unmatched on the universe, they are closer to the light so their holy talent is also higher, despite Blood elves being he original paladins of the horde and their technology and knowledge is also much superior than the Blood elves' or any other race for that matter.

On top of that their lore has ties across the universe, and strong ties with both of our main enemies, they are also the only race that has a large presence on every planet we visit all while actually having a fairly interesting lore. Their racial leader is stupidly powerful, and he ends up saving the blood elves in BC. Add to that the fact that Draenei are the most original playable race of WoW (yes yes, aliens, devils and satyrs I know but still original) and that, even when we got our pretty race, the Draenei female was designed as a total bombshell of sexiness as proven by their large following and being the most focused for fan art (of all kinds).

The only thing Blood elves have that's much better is their capital city and even then that's only because of Draenei's being a ship because in Draenor we've seen that their architecture is also much nicer!.

So Okay, Alliance got their better race there. Whatever right? at least the Horde still has better races than things like gnomes.

Well no, because then the Cataclysm hit and Alliance once again got the better race.

The Horde got Goblins, a highly advanced technological and intelligent race that the Horde needed to compete with the Alliance. That was good. Then Blizzard went and gave the Alliance worgen! another objectively better race.

Alliance got a badass werewolf race inspired by Victorian England, one of the most popular eras in fiction. They are considered immensely powerful in lore, so much that the worgen form was created as a super weapon against the legion, certainly more powerful than green midgets. They have a much better starting zone and their lore is important in all things druids and even now on the current conflict, while goblins are just jokes and nothing that has impact. Worgen have a full roster of important leaders and characters, Goblins? they are governed by some fat slob no one cared if he died and that tried to enslave them all, it doesn't even make sense that Thrall would pick him as a leader.

Yes, worgen are just cursed humans, but so are Forsaken so that is not a problem. They have better style, they are better fighters, have more potential for the story and they have a hot leader instead of an ugly green thing you see like, twice. Yes, goblins could probably bomb them, that's cool except that most likely bomb themselves in the process too.

Then in MoP we both got pandas so I guess we both lost, but even then horde pandas were treated like slaves while Alliance pandas had fun with the king.

So I hope for next expac Blizzard considers that they have given too much race goodness to the Alliance and for once give the vastly superior race to the Horde this time.

I'm thinking something like Naga or Vrykul for the Horde and Kobolds or Gnolls for the Alliance would make up for it.

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