The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What are the things that you're keeping and why?
What are the things that you're throwing away?
I will start my challenge today. Hope to hear from you guys!

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Day one:
ok i start first: i've thrown away a lot of paper!
you know i had kept also used bus tickets lol!
Day 2:
I've thrown away a old rug, and a lot of paper (again!!!), things from my ex boyfriends...super useless things!!!
Day 3:
I've thrown away a ooold weight balance.
I've cleaned all my desk's drawer!:D i'm so happy!!!
Day 4:
i've thrown away just some spice girls stuff lol
Day 5: i've thrown away few bags, a make up case.
Day six: i've cleaned another drawer and the medicine chest!i feel so light
Day 7: just a shirt!
well, in this moment i can't find things to get rid of but i'm trying to make my bedroom very clean, and very tidy!
I threw away an old face cream I never use, an outdated legal code book, part of a jacket that I never use and that is actually absolutely useless, old hair product, lots of paper. I put together for a type of good will store a candle holder a pencil sharpener and a few other things.
Very difficult, each object i wonder if one day i might need it!
Day 1

Got a bag of books I am going to take to the used bookstore ~ funny I bought two books there today before stumbling across this group



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