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Wonder where life is taking me now

Well, this has certainly been a crazy start to the New Year, and not what I was expecting. Interesting developments at my workplace - they are making 6 jobs redundant and are replacing them with 5 new ones. My job is one of the 6 and at present I don't think I'll want to apply for one of the 5 replacement jobs - I was about to start looking for new jobs anyway and the new roles at where I work are going to involve some things I don't want to do.

So if I do become redundant, I will…


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A quick update

Not really got a huge amount to say here right now, keeping a lot of stuff limited to Facebook - this year has not got off to the best of starts ,this week being particularly bad and I hope it calms down a bit, issues with landlord and at work, or rather they've had issues with me. Yuck, really hate dealing with these sorts of situations. Other than that things have been okay.

In terms of writing, I am starting to do a bit of poetry again and here is one I started last weekend, it…


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New Year - time to meet more people

I didn't really consciously set it as a New Year intention, but so far I have started to be a bit more social. Joined up with a photography group on Sunday, and have just been to a meditation tonight. That, plus a nice walk on Saturday. Work is a bit better now than it was, hopefully it will continue. Already I feel a bit more connected with people in general and maybe it's what I need to do to be happy again where I live.

Fortunately the slight panic I had with the email my landlord…


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Days 63-65 - Roadblocks

I've not had a good start to the New Year, being hammered by my landlord about the state of the house with him saying that work will have to be done which will cost 'a fortune' and that he'll be sure to let me know of the costs. Although there is no way I have done anything sufficient for repairs to cost a fortune, and there are certainly other shared/rented houses I've seen which are in a worse state. Having had a steady start to New Year's Day, this hit me quite hard when I saw the email…


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Day 62 - oh and it's New Year's Day

Hey guys,

I think that my goals and intentions are a little different now since I started the 100 Day Challenge back in November. I've had a nice break over the Christmas period, going back to work tomorrow, hopefully this time I will be prepared to face any challenges that may arise although I'm intending to try and adopt a more positive attitude.

Right now, the overriding themes for this year are (a) Loving myself and (b) Going with the flow. I feel that self love could be…


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