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Season 5 - Day 29 to 33: Work and play

Last week went by pretty fast - work was somewhat busy and I was pretty tired all week so I kept waking up late. I suppose that is because I had plans every evening. Wednesday evening I went to a goodbye drinks thing at a restaurant near my place and met a friend (and her friend) for dinner there too. It was nice to meet someone new...

Thursday I went to hot yoga after work and relaxed in the evening and Friday I left work early as I had to deal with a crisis with my energy…


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Season 5 - Day 28: I'll take it!

I had a pretty good day today. I admit, I woke up pretty down and out. I am beginning to realize that my dreams really impact how I feel when I wake up. Last night I had some pretty disturbing and personal dream. I felt pretty upset when I woke up. It takes me a couple of hours to shake off that feeling, but that's exactly what I did.

Work was OK and I left around 3:15 and ran a couple of errands before I got home. Soon after I arrived home, one of my best friends in Canada…


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Season 5 - Day 27: Divine timing on my birthday

I slept in today since I was up late due to the sweet surprise "he" gave me last night.

After attending a meeting I decided to go to my favorite sushi restaurant to treat myself for my birthday. This restaurant is right between my home and my office. As soon as I wrapped up lunch and got in my car, my phone rang and it was a florist saying he had a delivery for me and was at my front door. I drove home and accepted a gorgeous flower arrangement from a good friend of mine who…


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Season 5 - Days 24 to 26: Fillin' up

The weekend went by extremely fast. After work on Friday, I spent most of the evening cleaning-up my place in arrival for the visit from my sister's family. They arrived around 10 in the evening and I worked on cleaning out my place right up until then, although I had some welcome distractions by way of phone calls with friends in between. I got to spend some time with them that evening which was nice and they really liked my new place.

Saturday, we went to the zoo and had…


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Season 5 - Day 23: Visualizing my big day

Last night I stayed up until 3am finishing "Eat Pray Love" and then had trouble sleeping as my mind was fully alert, despite having had little sleep the night before. Regardless, I am so grateful to my friend who brought this book to me - I will always treasure this specific read.

As I lay in bed, I began to visualize my wedding reception. I saw myself, what I will be wearing - the beautiful outfit, gorgeous jewelry, my hair, make-up and my expression. I felt the joy…


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Season 5 - Day 22: Girlfriends

Last night I crawled into bed and began reading "Eat, Pray, Love". I've had the book for over a year. A good friend of mine gave it to me to read and told me I'd like it. I had of course heard of it (on Oprah) but never felt the urge to read it until very recently. Ironically, that friend of mine has since entered into a relationship and lost touch with me, despite my various attempts to stay in touch with her. It's sad that this often happens with good friends when they enter into serious…


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Season 5 - Day 21: My intentions

Hello Friends,

I just realized I never set forth my intentions for this season - not verbally, not mentally and not in writing. I'm not beating myself up over it, in fact I don't think I was in the right state of mind to clearly thing through what I want out of my 100 days and I honestly don't know if I've been consciously practicing the LOA and giving it my all, and I'm already almost a quarter into the season!!

So here is what I will attract -…


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Season 5 - Days 16 to 20: Jaded by "friends"

Hello Co-creators,

Thursday was OK - The movie I went to see was quite funny but the socializing before was a little awkward since I don't know any of the others besides my friend who organized the evening and the one girl I had met before is just not someone I would ever befriend so I wasn't too thrilled with the company. I did however leave work early and get a chance to relax at home for a little while.

Friday I went to see Amma who was a few blocks away from…


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Season 5 - Days 14 - 15: Reminded to be grateful...

Hello friends -

The last two days have been a little busy but the pace has been good for me. I've not felt overwhelmed, except for by my emotions from time to time.

To be honest, yesterday was a bit of a blur. I woke up exhausted but having slept deeply and was a little late to work. I left work a little early and went to Best Buy to look at the iPad which I am considering buying. They were all sold out but I got to play with the productivity apps they have…


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Season 5 - Day 13 - Me

Hello Friends -

Today went by at a comfortable pace for me. I woke up after 9am and found I didn't have any face-to-face meetings in the office so I just worked from home today. This allowed me to go to my hot yoga class in the early afternoon. I haven't been in a month and I also prefer the early afternoon or late morning classes as they aren't as packed as the other times. It was tough since I haven't been in ages, but I feel good now.

For dinner I went to a…


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Season 5 - Days 10 to 12 - Crashing down

Hi all -

I feel like I have no control over how I'm going to feel every hour over hour, let alone every day. And I hate the fact that it's simply because I don't know what will hit me (finding out something someone said, did, didn't do, etc.) that can make me feel so low without any notice. I hate that I'm letting other things and people effect me so.

Friday was fine. I left work early and chatted with a good friend of mine in Toronto. In the evening, I went to…


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Season 5 - Day 9 - Lifted

Hello Co-creators,

Today was OK - I woke up on a low but managed to climb myself into equilibrium.

Work went by fast, which was good.I really only went in for a couple of hours and worked from home the rest of the time, so that helped.

I got a call from a close friend in London and she really helped me get some perspective on things. I haven't spoken to her since last year so it was so great to catch up. I also spoke with another good friend from…


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Season 5 - Day 8: Ebbs and flows...

Hello friends,

As I write I'm feeling rather blue. It's funny how your day can be going just fine and then the slightest thing happens (in my case an email announcement from work) that can make your jaws clench, your heart sink and tears spring to your eyes. Well - its funny how that can happen to me - or rather just did.

I've been in a rut at work - my organization doesn't appreciate me and hasn't for the last year, despite my hard work and successes for the…


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Season 5 - Day 7: Treats for me

Hello Friends,

I wonder if starting to practice the LOA again is weight training again - where your muscle has memory so its easier to get back to where you left off...or maybe I'm just feeling better because I treated myself well today.

The morning started out OK and I was in meetings for most of the rest of the day, but I left a little early and stopped at the supermarket on the way home. I don't know what got into me but I decided to pick up a dozen white…


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Season 5 - Day 6: Pacing

Hello Co-creators,

I had a slightly stressful day today at work but I kept up my focus and attitude and feel OK about how the day went.

After work, I met my Dad for a casual dinner, which was good (albeit rather unhealthy) and he treated.

I also bought a large canvas which my Dad helped me bring home in his car for a painting I'm wanting to do. I got 40% off on the canvas, which was really great.

Work blew up again after dinner so…


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Season 5 - Days 3-5

Well Friends, it's Monday morning again - and I don't love Mondays, but I did want to blog about my weekend.

Friday went by OK. I woke up to get a psychic reading I ordered that didn't tell me what I wanted to hear about my future, as it relates to marriage and timing, so I was pretty dissappointed. Also, I've let myself go recently and I wanted to spend the weekend grooming myself and getting in control again. So I left work on Friday afternoon (early) and had my hair cut and…


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Season 5 - Day 2: Relaxing into it

Hello Co-Creators.

Today went by better than most days of late.

I worked from home until the afternoon and then went in for a work offsite, which was pretty relaxed until the late afternoon.

It was such a beautiful day and he and I went to happy hour near my place. We had ups and downs, but overall a nice time. Nothing is fully resolved but at least we're talking which is a start, I guess.

I felt somewhat positive today (more so…


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Season 5, Day 1 - Resetting

Hello friends -

I abandoned my Season 5 almost a year ago and although I wasn't blogging I managed to get into a positive state of mind and maintain it. Good things happened - temporarily:

My relationship started again - he actually came back to me, which was entirely unexpected. However, in fear of losing him again, I chose not to address the problems/talk them through. And he seemed to have matured and learned a lot from our seperation and was genuinely…


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Day 46 of 100, Season 5 - Manifesting "something wonderful!"

Hello friends,

I just wanted to pop-in really quickly to let you know that I got a very direct reminder of the LOA today.

Things have been extremely emotional for me lately. I've been trying (and mostly succeeding) to get on and enjoy life. I just got back from a lovely 10-day vacation visiting a best friend in Toronto. However, the heartbreak kept creeping in and I fought hard to keep my emotions at bay many-a-time during my break. To top it off, I have been having very… Continue

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Day 33 of 100, Season 5 - I have a question - does anyone have an answer?

Hi Friends,

I posted this on the message board and got no response from anyone and really would like some advice from advanced practitioners of attracting things....

Something has been niggling at me and I'd like to get some perspective from seasoned LOA practitioners. In Season 1, I created a Vision Board and have since put it away as I don't want to answer questions about it when people come to visit me. I find it very personal and like to be selective of who I share my… Continue

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