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Greetings beautiful CCORs!

Just wanted to drop by let you know that I will resume blogging again. Dropped off due to crazy schedules and time commitments that just left me exhausted. (PHEW) Thank God got passed that phase... I'm affirming the summer will be smooth sailing and relaxing, and so will allow me to write and get some beautiful creative work done. Feels so nice to be back on here, can't wait to get reading within the next couple of days to see what you all have been up…


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Seasong 4, Day 31(ready or not...this body"s about to get into SHAPE)

Hi there beautiful,gorgeous and magical creatives!

Hope all of you are enjoying delicious moments... :)

I have been busy with last full week of school and then no school for next week( thanksgiving) 

I hired a personal trainer; start tomorrow, yikes!!! I asked him: what do I need to bring? his response: water and COURAGE ... ha! I am totally scared after this comment, coz the girl that referred him to me says that she couldn't walk to her car or even sit down to drive…


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Season 4, Day 24 (I'm super duper Happy, happy, happy and I know why)

The snow has melted... 60 degree weather forecast for the weekend! whoooo hooo! The excitement and chaos around voting is also melting... I will be going out on Saturday to help out with the devastation that occurred at one of the beaches in Jersey. (super looking forward to it)  I'm also up to some secret work that I will share with y'all later! All I know is that when we serve others without ulterior motives and genuinely give from an unconditional place of just serving; it just feels…


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Season 4, Day 23 (new president, snow, and I feel Grrrrrreat)

Wow!! Time sure is flying by... I resumed my classes at school on Monday and just got back from a full day's worth of classes and my day started at 4:40am! It is currently snowing...very very purrty to look at and walk in, but scary when driving :( America has a new president, yay for Obama (truthfully i could care less) (a whole different discussion) I know I should this and should that, but I'm not into politics and all of them are just puppets! That's sorry, feeling a bit over…


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Season 4,Day 20

Happy Sunday my beautiful CCOR peeps!

I am super happy today for absolutely no reason :0)  Sending everyone waves of love and feel-good happy vibes !!!

Enjoy your day Everyone :)

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Season 4, Day 19 (normal = familiarity)

Dear All,

Hope you all are well, and in the best of spirits! It is November 3... ahhhhhhh almost only less than two months left to this 2012!!! There is so much I want to do that I feel like I'm not doing....grrrrr Do you ever feel that way? My kids still have not had a chance to celebrate Halloween due to the Hurricane... First year ever that I've been in this country of not celebrating Halloween! People are waiting in line for hours and hours as there is gas limitation. Now there is…


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Season 4, Day 18 (Starving for Love)

So here it is: another day of fasting; but today is for the wedded woman, whereby she fasts for her husband's long life and good health. It requires the strict discipline of abstaining from water, and type of food until the moon is seen in the evening. There is a prayer and a story that is heard about why and how this ritual began; after which an earthen lamp is lit for the rest of the evening and once the moon is visible, the woman breaks her fast with prayer to the moon (you cannot look…


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Season 4, Day 17

Hi everyone!!!

What a beautiful planet we live on...

I see so many wonderful strangers helping each other out; prayers; opening up their homes to those that still have no power.

Although we've endured some tough times here in the East Coast these past couple of days, in a way it's situations likes these that remind us of our humanity and unity of the Oneness we all derive from.

There is still so much recovery ahead, but it just warms the heart to witness…


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Season 4, Day 16 (post hurricane Sandy)

Howdy Ladies and Gents !!!

I'm alive and well, and Miss Sandy didn't afflict my family as badly as she did so many millions of others :(

All we can do is pray and send our good thoughts and vibes to those recovering and working on getting their lives back to as much normal as they can...

As for me, I've started a personal blog, as I really wanted to write a book, but I don't think I had the practice to be writing a book! I can barely keep up with posting on here ! I've…


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Season 4, Day 8 (yawning)

sigh, i almost forgot to post today and i did, but it didn't go through.... so here it is again, short and sweet :)

my last day of fasting,,, whoopieeeeeeee, i'm done tomorrow, but will continue through with self-discipline and dedication to mastery of self!

Grateful and graciousness in each  moment...



night, night....

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Season 4, Day 7 (Delicious day)

Hi there!!!!

I'm so happy, happy, happy and happy !!!

I feel so incredibly GOOD, GOOD, GOOD !!!

Hope you are too :)


Thank you for reading :)

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Season 4, Day 6

So I'm on the 6 th day of fasting and being more conscious and aware...

I really love how I feel, and feeling even better today !!!

Happy Sunday :)

Thank you for reading:)

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Season 4, Day 5 (action vs. inaction)

Hi there beautiful beings!!!!

Happy Happy Saturday...

I got up super early to work on my script this morning... and pheweeee, i'm feeling proud of myself to staying committed and working very hard. Also, still on track with my fasting, although, I'm beginning to feel some fatigue setting in today, I have 5 more days to go... I've been so busy with working on my script this week and feels so good not to focus on food, that i forget to eat... lol My professor feels as…


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Season 4, Day 5

Hola, Everyone!


Things are moving along except for my period key on my computer (it doesn't work anymore), i guess that is another metaphor for my life, hahah, no stopping anymore, only moving along


I feel so darn good! I'm doing my religious fast this week for the Mother Divine, and I tell ya, she's really got my back this time around

I've also been working out at the gym and sometimes running when i dont' feel like it! Yeh, you read it right, when i…


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Season 4, DAY 4

Greetings Beautiful, lovely souls,


Don't you just love how when your in those times of complete alignment to the higher power, how everything flows so beautifully?

It started yesterday actually, when i opened up one of my emails and in there was another email, and of course before you know it, i'm on a different subject that had absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of my email. To make a long story short, i joined up for an online course (free, due to getting…


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Season 4, Day 2

Yah, you read it right! When i went to change my Season on my profile, i had to put in the day, so i decided since i came on yesterday, i might as well just go with it! So here's a beautiful quote i received this morning in my email ~


What is the highest vision for my life? What seeks to emerge in, through, and as my life?” (Or, in the case of a project or business: What is the highest vision for this project or for this…


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In Between Seasons

Greetings beautiful souls.

I kinda dropped off the grid for a minute there. I must have finished my Season 3 a while ago, so now I'm debating when to start Season 4 and stay committed to posting about it on here. It's been such a chaotic couple of months... sigh! I will not delve into why, but i'm here now, in this moment. My radio show is still in the air, as the people making the decisions have had some setbacks with the studio, so it seems as though i'm picking up from where i left…


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Season 3, Day 8 (create and if you don't likey, recreate)

When an artist paints a painting, you look at the painting and say: 'Ah, the artist was in a certain frame of mind', and so each of you are artists and you create the world that you know.  And when you look at the world you know you can say, "Look, this is what I have created!' And if you do not like what you see, then there is no point in ripping apart the framework of your life.  Instead, you change the pigments. And in this case the pigments are your…


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BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER ~*~ (please share as you can)

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Season 3, Day 6 (when will the violence stop?)

Greetings Beloveds,

I wasn't able to make a video on Friday as my laptop was giving a hard time, and then I couldn't find my flip cam... lol

Oh, well I guess it wasn't meant to be! The weekend was completely hectic, as we are in the middle of packing and moving to a different living place.  It's chaotic but a good chaotic!!! I had some sad news about a shooting that happened in my community yesterday in Wisconsin... it just makes the being sad, and there are so many theories…


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