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Can I begin again? - Season 5

5 is my lucky number. A good one to begin again rigth from the start. Why do I hesitate so much? Which obstacles hold me back? Where are the risks?

Now it´s time to jump out of my comfortzone and to explore the world for happiness. I want find back to the path of happiness, to open inner doors, to face my fears and new challenges for overcoming the inner borders to have a better life.

I wish you a wonderful sunday filled with love...happiness...peace...

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At the start

Today I realised I cannot ignore my inner voice any longer and I look intensively for a great change. I want to be back on the path of happiness where I feel at ease, centered, relaxed, at peace and concentrated. So I decided to jump into the change.

My intentions are on body level:

Every morning:

- stand up at  5 am

- drinking hot ginger water

- meditating at least 10 minutes

- doing Qui Quong exercises

During the…


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Day 63 - The perfect picture


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Day 41 - Coming forward

Amazing how my life is processing on and on. I love it. The magic of life returned. Still there are quests to overcome. At the moment my life seems a play. All comes in now. My doors are wide open. What I missed in the past shows up now. People come into my life and they seem same-like me. In Taekwondo I´ve got many break-throughs and I have the feeling I come forward now. I keep going on, in small and big steps. It´s like enjoying the path. Still there are fears, but I feel stringer to face…


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Day 33 - Peaceful art for a better world

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Day 24 - world is changing

From the distance I see what happen in my home country Germany. Thousands of refugees look for peace, security and happiness. I saw a post in fa

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Day 23 - Feel again

What a day!

I got a FULLTIME-JOB in a German school! Am I dreaming? Without doing much effort they took me as a German teacher. So often it was like this in Mexico.

Then something weird happend today. I wanted to cross a crosswalk. All cars waited at the cross. In the middle of the crosswalk a jeep rushed with high speed towards me. I couldn´t move forward. I was freezed. The car stopped with little space between us. Inside a woman, who was really upset and me…


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Day 25 / S6 - On the way

Like my book is on the way to be published, I´m on the way to do marvelous things.

Last two weeks ago I´ve started to practice Taekwondo again. It´s amazing how it feels to move the body. From day to day I become stronger, in the inside as well.

Yesterday I was worried about my job, because my micro wasn´t working probably and the thoughts started spinning in my head. Then a white feather flew directly to my window and placed itself there. What an amazing sign!…


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Day 16 - Taking distance

Today I went hiking to a lake nearby after yesterday. Today I´m feeling better. I realised that I needed to take a short break. Sitting at the lake I meditate and thank for my life. Out of the distance I could see the things clearer.

In the last time a thought popped up my mind. Often I said: "I cannot do this any longer!" After that another thoughts followed. If I say that often to myself, then "Ok, then I die, if can´t move forward any longer".

After that Do I want to live or…


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Day 14 - Feeling a pressure

Beside the pleasant emotions I had again a feeling of pressure in my chest, which result from my accident. More and more I learn to manage my emotions better. I see them like guests or clouds, which goes away.

This time I asked: Why I have this weird feeling in my chest? I paid attention to it. The pressure is to change something small to something big. I feel that. It´s ok! I had a hard time behind me. Now better times are ahead. Today I could pack my things into a backpack and…


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Day 14 - Head, just do it!

At the moment I´m creating so many new stuff and I feel more alive like shortly after my near-death-experience. Slowly I get out of the black hole, into where I fell last 3 years ago. I feel right now! I love it! It´s like to fly, which presents my tattoos on my shoulders. Before the marriage I felt like a free spirit. Somehow I got lost during the time in Mexiko. What happened to me? What is happing right now? And what will happen?

At the moment it´s…


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Day 13/ S6 - Many visions

At the moment many ideas running trough my head. It´s quite fun to watch them growing. All by itself with less effort! It seems I´m going in direction of comedy. When I was a kid, Charlie Chaplin was my idol and I wanted to be a comedian.

Now this is coming back to me and I´m demanded to do something out of it. Four cartoons are right at the start line and I´m really excited to send them to the competition. I think, that is a good sign that I´m excited.

I´m on…


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Day 12 / S6 - my heart burns

Today I´ve created three cartoons for the "German caricature competition".

I´m really feel proud of what I´ve done. I have to laugh about them myself. Let´s see, if the jury will find them funny, too.

At the moment my heart is burning. I´m filled with happiness. Long time ago I felt like this. I think I´m back on my creative path. There I have no doubts and I feel more free than ever before. Inside of me there is so much to show to the world.

I wish you…


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Day 11 - Found the humor button

Amazing, what flows inside of me to the outside. Strongly I can feel it something amazing is about to come.

I found a path, on which I feel completly right and myself.

I love it.

More and more I laugh out of my heart, if I see my cartoons.

In four days I am going to hand in my cartoons for a caricature competiton. I´m so excited, because it´s a really big thing for me and my first time to publish my…


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Day 10 - Gifts of life

This morning started with a break-down of my car. What a luck I came ack until my house on Sunday. So I had to leave it on the parking slot  and I had to walk all the way uphill to my house. After five days in the car it felt really good. Now I want to fix it again.

A question popped up in my mind: Why all these things happen? Instead of being upset, I used this situation for me and kept calm.

I think, I need a break, too, just like my car. 

More and more I…


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Day 7 - 9 / S6 - An unforgettable journey

From Wednesday until Sunday I was on the road by car. 3000 km. From Tijuana to Cuernavaca for picking up my dogs and back again.

On this journey I learnt a lot about life and myself. Amazing. It was like waking up from a long sleep. On this journey were many obstacles to overcome. Almost I had a car accident on the highway. That was so close, but I managed to hold the car in line. Many times fears overwhelmed me as problems appeared. I faced them and I could turn it into…


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Day 6 - The life opens up

What a wonderful day today.

The magic begins to happen again.

This evening I saw a beautiful sky, so clear blue with wiped clouds.

I feel more home, less lonely.

Less negative thoughts rushed trough my mind.

It´s like to flow through life with trust.

More and more I understand, where I´m at.

I feel that the life opens its arms again and I embrace it.

More and more I find the courage to follow my heart again.

With each…


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Day 5 - Aha...

This morning I woke up in a bad mood, because I dreamt badly and the neighbours dog barked many hours at night.

Then I had a successful class with a student.

What made me happy today that I still work on my "cartoons" for a competition. No matter what I want to send them my works, even all others are better than me. I think I have got my unique style. On this way I slowly go further and rid off all stuff, which don´t serve me any longer.

While I…


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Day 4/ S6 - Meditation/ Set goals

This morning I meditated for 20 minutes and I feel much better.

More and more find out new ways to deal with my emotions and thoughts. New projects are ahead. About that I´m really excited.

Something popped up in my mind:





I´m soooo ready to start new things in order to change my life to the positive side.

I found meditation groups here, which I would like to attend and I find…


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Day 3/ S6 - Facing life again

After that incident I find slowly open doors as I move forward.

Today I told myself: Just jump into life again. Don´t give up, what comes. There must be a reason, why I´m still on earth.

Am I here to be angry, upset and frustrated? I think, we all have the right to be happy. My soul cries loud for happiness.

After my first near-death-experience I told my friend: I want to travel around the world, get to know new people and stuff. Somehow I got distracted from…


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