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21st day: consistency and taking action

It's my 21st day.

As I wrote my previous blog, I'm meeting more and more like minded people. And through the meeting, I always get inspiration from them, and some of that makes me want to take an action. Below is the list of it.

1. I got a couching session for free, and I realized that I have some issue about my long time friend that I'm feeling bad for leaving behind them by me going towards my dream. And I could release that.

2. I started to…


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meeting people

One of the thing what I most want to manifest is like minded friends.

I want friends who I can share what all I have in my mind including Law of Attraction and spirituality!

So I included this 100 reality challenge.

Then I found a very good community group on facebook that host many gathering in my city!

I so attended one big gathering party the end of January, and tonight a small gathering as my second time.



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getting more spesific

Recently I've been feeling that I'm more and more guided in every way!

This is awesome because when I try to solve something or when I'm struggling, I just let it go to the universe praying in my heart like"I donno how to do this or even what I should consider about. please help! Thanx! with big love from yae"

Its like small children ask their trusted adults what they want when they cannot handle by themselves. I got more and more good at it hehe! Now I don't solve any trouble…


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I'm at my desk at work now

This is a time of transformation for me.

It's really difficult to explain what's going on with me now.

I don't even know what's happening to me.

But I can say that this is a big shift from inside of myself.

I haven't experience this before.

All I can do, all I want to do, and all I should do is to focus on what lies before my eyes right now, right this moment. Not about future. Not worry about money. Not worry about how I look. Just right… Continue

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2nd day

SO this is my second day of 100 day reality challenge.

I edited my goals because I was so high and excited that I put some goals or desire that I want to achieve in a year when I signed up.

I'm born and raised in Japan, never studied in foreign country. So my English would be not good and maybe poor vocabulary. But I don't care! I'm really happy about finding this website through Lilou Mace's Youtube channel, and I know that this is a kind of website community I've wanted to…


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