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S2 D36- So this is Life :)

Good Evening Co-Creators!

Well, I'm pleased to say that it has been a month of victory! From my fabulous vacation to the beach, to my new job :) There is so much, even to much, to describe here in this post. Alas, I will try.

The trip to Destin was amazing! There were a few low-lights, but nothing that could touch the highlights. My two best friends, my love, and a new best friend Renea, really made the trip! I have to say, Renea, whom I was already aquainted with, is one… Continue

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S2, D17- Alive and Loving It!

Good Afternoon Cocreators!

Having a wonderfully high vibrational day! Today has been the most productive day of the season too :) In preparation for my long awaited trip to the beach, I decided I'd love nothing more than to come home to a clean house. So, I woke up and listened to an inspiring recording on shifting from lack to abundance, did a little meditation and planned out my day. The house is clean, still working on the floors and living room, cleaned out Mitzy's cage and… Continue

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D3, S2- Good Day Sunshine!

Good Afternoon Cocreators!

It has been a lovely day! I woke up early, but went back to sleep for 1 1/2 hours, lol. It's all good though, I'm not beating myself up. I ended up reading late into the night, and really did not sleep late considering. Plus, now I know a lot more about the Kings and Queens of Great Britain! Lol, don't ask.

I enjoyed my breakfast on the porch with Mitz and noticed that the plants I started earlier this week have started sprouting. After that I… Continue

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Day 2, Season 2

Good Evening, Cocreators!

Had a great day, but unfortunately did not get a chance earlier to write about it. As such, this will be very short, but hopefully sweet!

Mitzy Bird and I spent most of the day on the porch while I started an application for a local non-profit position. The job looks great, and I believe it will be a great way to make connections. The position seriously looked too good to be true, but with a little research I found that it is a real… Continue

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Day 1, Season 2...New Cycle

Hello Beautiful Cocreators!

Well, I made it to my second season! I've learned a lot more than I thought I would, especially about the ups and downs of my vibration and Energy.

The last two weeks were rough. Maybe longer than two weeks even. I was very low, and filled with angsty-sarcasm, lol. Over the end of last week, through yesterday, I was actually feeling extremely depressed due to some family issues (not really the cause, just the excuse.) I felt myself on the verge… Continue

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Day 88!!! My Lucky Number <3

Day 88! Beautiful Day! Not in a great mood personally though :)

Not sure why :) Restless, bored, generally annoyed. Feeling sarcastic. Need to defend myself? I actually wrote a more detailed explanation, but due to an internet issue, it didn't post :)

Only thing that's making this all ok, is that I know I am CHOOSING this today! Not really sure why. I'm even able to step back and see that I'm choosing it, so that should mean that I can change it, which I CAN. It…


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Day 80~ This is looking like a Trilogy of a Day!

Cocreators, Good Afternoon :)

I did it! I completed my whole list, excluding preparing food. I think I'll wait to do that later :)

All windows are open, fans on and records playing :) Well, the same record actually, being played continuously. I'm celebrating today :) not only did I complete my intention list today, but finished by 12:34! And got some great exercise in, dancing through the house, lol.

In the relaxation process now. I suppose it's not much… Continue

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Day 80~ On a Treadmill

Good Morning, Cocreators!

It's a beautiful morning, a little chilly and drippy, but the sun is just starting to peak through the clouds! Flowers are all still in bloom, and the orange tree is starting to form tiny, green oranges! It's also my best friend's birthday today :) I'm wondering what to say to her today since I did not send anything. Of course I know a happy birthday is in order, but I'd like to make her laugh a little, lol.

So on a treadmill? Yes, on an energy… Continue

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I'm not sure what day it is...;)

Hello Cocreators!

My friends are in town and thus have not had much of a chance to be alone. However, it has been a wonderful couple of days!

Went to Disney yesterday, and I bought a perfect straw sun hat. I had the beach in mind but have been wearing it since I got it :)

The boys went to another amusement park today but I offered to stay home. It was a great decision, lol! I've been dancing around cleaning my house. I'm going to have a dinner party, including… Continue

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Day 71- MLK Day, and I've Got A Dream :)

Good Morning my Favorite Cocreating Internet Friends :D

Some of you may have seen yesterday that my meeting did not happen. It was not a good time for the farmer, but that is OK. I absolutely know that it was just not the right time, but the right time is coming soon. I am still collaborating with my roommate for ideas and my options. I may see if I can volunteer at a different community garden in the meantime. Also, my roommate and I are wondering if it would be a good idea to…


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Day 67- Getting Over the Hump!

Good Morning Cocreators!

So nice to be awake this morning. It is 7am here, and for me, this is still early rising. I didn't want to roll out of bed at 6, but when I finally did half an hour later (ago) I felt/feel refreshed and invigorated! I'm enjoying an "Almond Joy" protein shake right now, which I shared with Adam. I'm really liking my new routine!

Last night I felt a little overwhelmed by my mixed feelings toward the ex-roomie, but I think today, after realizing what… Continue

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Day 66...still :D

So, after starting out my day wonderfully, I had a slunk :P

I'm still feeling grand, but I have realized after a rather negative evening, there are still some things to work on.

Anger. First and foremost, I recognize that I am not my anger, but I'm in it deep still. Particularly strange have been my feeling toward my last roommate. I'm going up and down with that one, lol.

I'm upset with "her" one minute, blaming an imaginary situation on her usually, and the… Continue

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Day 66-Rewiring my Hardware :)

Good Day Cocreators!

When I was a kid, and still now, my mom always said to me "Have I told you how much I Love you today?" So I'm wondering the same to all of you? No? Well, I Love you all! Feeling great again today. My body is a little sore, but not pushed too far. It is a little dismal to think that I've gotten to the point where a power walk wears out my legs! Lol! Having fun changing that though. I realized last night that doing better by my body is also better for my family:… Continue

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Day 65- Feeling Energized

Good Morning Cocreators!

Mitzy and I are having a beautiful morning. We are back in our usual spot, on the porch. The morning sun is lighting up our flowers, and it is a warm and still day.

Got up today and made lunch for Adam and I, while we shared a delicious berry and protein smoothie. Meditated for thirty minutes and enjoyed some coffee on the porch. Gave Mitz a little head scratch, which has so far been the best part of the morning! I love how soft and warm his little… Continue

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Welcome to Beautiful Day 64!

Good Day, Cocreators!

Good day indeed! Everything is as always working out for me. Today is my first rest day since before the holidays which I have completely to myself! And while not ill :)

Let me paint the scene, just quickly. The sun is up, pouring through the screens in my porch and it is warm and golden. A light breeze almost in the form of a draft off the neighbors pool is cooling my feet pleasantly. I'm watching birds fly, and brush give way under hidden creatures… Continue

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Happy 2013! D57

Good Morning Cocreators!

Wow, Day 57! Overall, everything has been great! Although I have come down with a sinus cold of some sort. It started much worse, and of all days it started on the 1st. Needless to say, I'm not much of a happy camper :)

But, aside from coughing, sneezing, stuffed nose and clogged throat, lol, life has been great. My orchid is nearly in full bloom. The first flower is still hanging on and yesterday a new bud opened fully. This morning, I'll be… Continue

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Day 36- Gorgeous Day!

What a great day, Cocreators!

The sun was shining and I started off with a long walk with my roommate. We had very good and positive conversations about well being and our callings. She had some very good insight for me, and I hope I returned the favor! She is such a good person! I cannot believe that I spent so long tied up with the annoyance of how she does dishes! Lol, I wish that were a joke, but I have some small OCD issues I still need to get past :)

The evening was… Continue

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Hello Cocreators!

As usual (lately), my days have been good, although uneventful and I feel like I have been drained of energy. I have to remember how good it feels to feel good!

It has been cold and rainy for the last few days and I missed the meteor shower. I am happy, though, that my Mom was able to see several meteors on Thursday, and she seems to be sifting into a more positive energy for what feels like the first time in many years. She has a new vigor for life,… Continue

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Season 1, Day 31~

Good Morning, My Beautiful, Fellow Cocreators!!

You may notice that I posted some pictures today, including my profile picture! I am super excited that I was able to do this. It has been a while since I have been able to use my laptop on the internet. The profile picture is obviously me, and also my sweet Adam, on my 24th birthday earlier this year! What a wonderful day that I had!

Today marks my first month being a part of this wonderful community! It is…


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Research Paper...And Life

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having beautiful experiences today, and enjoying life to your fullness! Anyway, I was seems like a lot of the people I know have inherently negative world views presently. For example, a majority of more conservative family members and friends are in absolute resistance to Barak Obama's presidency. I mean, really pushing against the current political situation.

So, I really don't care, but it can be overwhelming at times to… Continue

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