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Made glass beads for the first time ever!

Today, I manifested in making my own glass beads. I did better then I could imagine!! I am so proud/happy for myself :) My friend (of 10 yrs ) and I,  reconnected about a month ago. She also loves creating art and has similar goals/dreams. I am so thankful that she took the time to show me the wonderful techniques of glass art beads. I have been asking for an artist friend for quite sometime now. The angels are answering my prayers! Life is good and I will continue my journey of making my…


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I love painting and sharing my finished artwork

Steampunk Mixed Media Abstract Painting by Gypsie

 love painting and sharing my finished artwork. This is a steampunk painting I just recently finished. I usually don't name my work but this one is called "Stop & Take A Look Around". It's available for purchase in my Etsy Shop:  …


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I love making jewelry designs

I am an artist and love creating jewelry too! Here is a few things I recently created. I love working with stones/crystals and putting them into my designs as well. I hope you love looking at my jewelry as much as I love creating it! I would love to hear what your thoughts are so, please feel free to post a comment :) Peace & love ~Gypsie <3  



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Day 1 of 100 Day Challenge (Jan. 1, 2012)

My intentions & goals:

Let go of all fear, negativity, jealousy, and all things that's not important in life 

Let go of anything thing this isn't working in my life/relationships

Manifest all the good in life

Watch our business continue to grow with great amounts of success

Create more…


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I love my new vintage/antique finds for our shop display

I am very grateful to have found these beautiful treasures for own boutique shop display :) 

I love the rustic & carved looked they each have! …


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Our New Shop "The Crafty Castle"

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My Finished Cabinet

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Display for my oils

My new shelf I am going to re paint and put my oils on. ~Gypsie

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Look What I Manifested In :D

Photobucket Photobucket a>



As you know, I am opening a new shop. I have been wanting to get a a mannequin for a while now. Yesterday I went looking on Craigslist - no luck! Then off to Ebay - not cheap enough ;(

Around 6 pm last night, my sister calls me telling me that a store got new display mannequins and was selling their olds ones - REALLY…


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HELLO - I am back! Updates on my perfumes/jewelry

Hi! I have been away from CCOR for a while, on my journey. I have been thinking about this site quit a bit. Then, I get an email from of the Co-Creator members "Jilly" - my artsy friend :) I guess it was time for me to socialize here again. Thanks "Jilly" for contacting me :) 

I will be blogging on what I have been doing on my journey! As it has is fun and I have been…


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I am excited about my new line of perfumes 100% Natural


I am so excited about my new perfumes I have been making! I enjoying blending the essential oils together and making a lovely frangrance!! Check out my healing perfumes in my Etsy shop: 

Sample vials available for only $4.00 ea. This is a great way to see which perfume is best for…


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Shelves I am painting for my new shop

Still needs a second coat of paint and 2 shelving to paint just like this one :-)

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Day /100 Season 3

This journey of my 100 day challenge is WONDERFUL! I am seeing little miracles happening in my everyday life. Everything is manifesting, in great divine timing and in perfect order for me right now :-)

I have been working my my dream shop quite a bit lately! It's alot work work but I keep plugging away and getting so much accomplished!! There are times I wanna say F' it but keep working away. I haven't gave up, nor will I ever!!! My life is my responsibility and need to accomplish…


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Gypsie Is Turning 40 Today - YAY!

Hugs and kisses to all my friends! Life is beautiful and magickal ;-)

Today, is my Birthday and I am turning 40! Make my day perfect and send me a youtube Birthday video!

More info.:…

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Day 1 of Season 4

Today, I am starting over my 100 day challenge! I feel today is a perfect time to start.

Last night, I sold my truck - practically gave it away. Not so happy about this and feel kinda down about it today - but at the same time feel releived it's sold. Another good thing that came out of the deal, is that.....we did get more than the dealers wanted to give us:-)

I am going to hold my head high and look at it in a good…


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Day 97/100

I just wanted to post a little update about my challenge.

My 100 days are almost completed!!! YAY!!! I have manifested in so many things during this challenge.

It has brought my family even closer together and more positive things coming our way! I am so happy!!!

I have also learned so many great things in life as I stay on my pos. path.

It is great meeting so many wonderful/inspiring people here as well! I feel very blessed to be here, as well as our…


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Day 90/100

Today is day 90 of my 100 day challenge. Things are manifesting fast and falling into place, at perfect divine timing. I could ask for anything better!

I asked the universe to bring me new inspiring/creative people, so I can come up with some really unique/cool art. The universe is working for me -- YAY!!!!

I have been creating new art with new inspiring ideas! It feels so WONDERFUL!!! Yesterday, I went shopping for some more art supplies (with my sister). Not…


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Day 80/100

Yesterday, I went with my sister a few of my favorite stores - located in Northfeild, Mn

One of the stores is called "The Monarch" and The Glass Garden Beads.

I picked up some really cool things at "The Monarch":

* a really neat amethyst crystal (which I am going to make a really neat pendant/necklace with)

* a aventurine gratitude rock (which is a money/lucky stone - got to set…


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Day 76/100

I am so excited of all the good things that are coming during my 100 day challenge. I am on Day 76 and almost to the 100 day -- YAY!!!!!!!!

I am thankful for my family!!! We have been doing alot of family things on the weekends and it feels so great! Last weekend we went the the National SnoCross and this weekend we went tubing. OMG, it was such a blast!!!!

I am thankful that I got to go tubing on Sat..... cuz I haven't been feeling so well:-( I have had a blatter… Continue

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Day 70/100

I am enjoying the journey in my life:-) It's leading me to good things/opportunities! I am thankful for my wonderful loving family!!! We all had a wonderful weekend at the SnoCross Nationals in Shakopee, Minnesota-P

My Family -- I adore and love very much!

xoox Gypsie

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