The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 58/100 Season 1 - Soothing Sunday

Hello Friends! I usually get the Sunday blues but today I managed to stay really present and thoroughly enjoyed my relaxing Sunday! I've even made it into bed (from where I'm blogging) earlier than usual!

• I went to an early lunch with "him" today and had lovely thai food. It was really reminiscent of our regular Sunday pattern and was nice. - I am grateful to have "him" back in my life. I am grateful for his care and affection and for being valued by him.
• I got a wonderful tarot reading from a seasoned and inspiring Co-Creator Nicole Bruni, after responding to her request for volunteers. I could absolutely relate the cards to the goings-on of my life currently and was amazed at how it all aligned and how positive the outlook is! Nicole has not been following my blogs so she was not aware of anything that is happening in my life. She is truly amazing and talented and I highly recommend her! - I am grateful for Nicole's generosity with her time and talent. I am grateful for the wonderul reading she provided to me and for the positivity that lays ahead for me in my life and ventures.
• I went to my meditation class today which was nice since I have to admit, I haven't been keeping up with my meditation since my vacation! I felt a strange jolting sensation when I went deep into meditation today. I'm not sure if it was just me falling asleep or if I was experiencing something else - I am grateful to have a meditation class so close to me where I am always made to feel grateful and gain wisdom and serenity.
• I spoke to one of my best friends who lives abroad in the evvening and caught up with recent developments in her life. She has met someone wonderful and its getting quite serious quite fast. I'm so thrilled for her because she deserves all the happiness and joy life has to offer. It's amazing that she was telling me only a month ago that she was ready to start dating again (after a long time of being single) and this man who she's now in a relationship with literally fell out of the sky into her life, without her even having to go anywhere or try to meet anyone - The Universe is amazing and brings joy and happiness consistently. I am grateful for the proof of the LOA that I get to witness and experience daily.
• I spoke to my parents today again - I am grateful to my parents for loving me unconditionally and for caring for me like no other.
• I've let my apartment get to an embarrassing state and am glad I got a portion of housecleaning done today, including some laundry, dishes and garbage clearance. - Cleaning the remainder of my apartment will not take long and I will be able to complete it during the first half of the week.

• The teaching at meditation class wasn't as clear today, partly due to the newness of the teacher today. As well, my friend who usually joins me in that class was not herself today and I could sense something was wrong but she didn't say anything to that fact when probed - I always get a clear message that I can incorporate into my daily life from my meditation classes. My friends and family all enjoy serenity and know that I am available to them if they ever need me for support.

Nothing today!

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Comment by Zara on April 28, 2008 at 3:02pm
Hi PJ, I'm so glad things are going well with "him". I love Thai food and so does my partner. When we get a chance to go for a meal thats our first choice:)

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