The 100 Day Reality Challenge

21st day: consistency and taking action

It's my 21st day.

As I wrote my previous blog, I'm meeting more and more like minded people. And through the meeting, I always get inspiration from them, and some of that makes me want to take an action. Below is the list of it.

1. I got a couching session for free, and I realized that I have some issue about my long time friend that I'm feeling bad for leaving behind them by me going towards my dream. And I could release that.

2. I started to take some photos with my DSLR which is Nikon D5100!! ;) I bring it to work so that I can take photos on my way to work and back to home too. Its soooo fun!!

3. I met a person who stopped eating meat. A conversation with her made me feel relaxed about going to meat-less food style. Its really big thing for me because I tend to get stressed out when I think about it. 

4. I haven't studied English for a few years. But I met this woman who is about my age, recommended me about joining English speech club. I have heard of it before but now I'm interested in and going to their next meeting as an visitor :)

5. I realized that consistency is the really key. I know I'm a person who want to do things when I feel like doing it. But now it's a good time to learn the good side of consistency. So I'll keep writing my blog as often as possible(I'm not saying everyday but hopefully), and taking picture and post them on FB everyday.

and more and more....

Things are changing. That's for sure! I'm so thrilled about my 100th day!!

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Comment by Yae Kurehara on February 15, 2013 at 3:06am

Thank you for your comment Xenya! :) You make friends in the English club!? that's nice♡ I'm also hoping that I will be able to make new friends there♪ Thank you for sharing your good story! I appreciate it ;)

Comment by Xenya on February 13, 2013 at 3:28pm

English speaking club is a cool thing. We have the same in Moscow. It's quite a special place, people are special. And I met a lot of friends there, with some of them I met quite often and we became friends. So good idea.

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