The 100 Day Reality Challenge

5 weeks in and:

- I have stopped smoking cigarettes

- I manifested my cars repair bill to be covered 100% and it was (over $2000)

-have a closer relationship with God

-I have a closer relationship with my husband and my children

-I manifested small amounts of money

-I manifested my first show in years

-I manifested a new job

-I manifested kindled relationships with 3 of my friends


I know I'm missing something but I cant think of anything else but all I can say is God is AMAZING. He is so loving and kind and really gets involved in your life if you want Him to be and show you things that just amaze you like I'm so amazed at how he cares about when I lose something enough to tell me where it is as soon as I ask Him. It makes me laugh sometimes. I am just grateful each and every moment.


Happy manifesting 

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Comment by Heather Marie on September 3, 2015 at 11:32pm

awwwww I can feel your gratitude and light to you! Heather

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