The 100 Day Reality Challenge

This is my cat imitating my usual attitude.. ...but wait..... Wow, I have done it. I have signed on to a GREAT but daunting fundraising event. A 6 hour day of fitness January 30th to raise money for digital mammogram machines to support breast health integrated care in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Breast Cancer be gone!
It is a homegrown event and I am thrilled to be a part of it. 1000 participants and a day of fun and fitness. One of the instructors is rumored to be Richard Simmons:) They plan on breaking a couple of Guiness world records too!
Really pumped for this and it is the push I need to get on the excercise bandwagon in a BIG way. Gotta last those 6 hours!
I have to raise $1000 but the good news is that ALL the proceeds are going towards the purchase of machines and programs. There are sponsors in place to cover the other costs. Here is my fundraising page.

HERE is a link to the COOLEST video of a flash mob dance event that happened today to promote it!!!

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