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I'm a little anxious about getting my wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. After filling out the rest of my paperwork, I hit my notebook and started thinking about creating intentions. They're supposed to be based on my inner self rather than people and things going on around me. What do -I- want? I know the answer. I want to be a great mother and I want to be independent. Those probably sound so easy to come up with, but they're so important to me. I also believe that fixing my dependency situation would help me with number one...being the best mother I can be. I think that even though it's easy to trust and rely on the people who support me, I never KNOW what could happen, and it's not about me's about my son. And because of him, this is everything -I- want...and will achieve.

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Comment by Chase on February 19, 2013 at 3:17pm
Thank you both for the support :) it all went well and I must say, it's a great jump start to cutting down on my vices as I wanted to do.
Comment by Connie on February 18, 2013 at 12:02am

I hope everything goes well with getting your wisdom teeth taken out. I had my bottom two taken out a few years back. Everything will be fine. Just think happy thoughts and allow yourself time to rest!

Those things are important to me too and have definitely been the focus of all three of my seasons. When you have little ones stability is very important and it's kind of scary leaving that up to someone else. You sound like a very loving mother. Have a wonderful night and good luck tomorrow! :)

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