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I sometimes watch this life coach, raw food guy on youtube.  He always has loads of passion,  energy and good vibes to share.  The video I watched today was reiterating the fact that we need to let go, stop fighting and go with the flow.  I think this is what Elise must mean in her page title Downstream Dreams.  I kept meaning to ask her and still will if she doesn't read this. :)  I do believe that letting go and allowing the universe to provide for you is the key and I am often able to get in that space...  but I am often also able to get stuck in my head.  When my body feels good and light, then my mind feels the same.  Or maybe its vice versa.  I haven't figured that out yet.  But when my body feels even a tinge of a tummy ache,  or a heaviness,  or low energy, or an ache,  my mind directs itself to negative thoughts and fears.  I am practicing affirmations in these moments and love and letting go and sometimes EFT, but these physical symptoms are the major challenge, or perhaps gift,  that presents itself.  I think I have been fighting, fighting, fighting to not be the sick, depressed person my mother was and its using up energy.  It has lead me down many wonderful paths and taught me how to care for myself and take responsibility for my health but its also had me up in arms and I'm not exactly sure how to let that go.  I welcome all suggestions. :)

Anyway,  on to more things I am grateful for.  I have been keeping up with my exercise and eating goals which is dandy.  I have been volunteering and visiting with friends.  My housemates and I had a bonfire last night and stayed up till 1am which was fun.  A couple months ago I was so tired that I would have to be in bed by 10pm.  But taking a supplement for low thyroid and increasing my nutrient dense foods (or maybe just the thoughts that these things will assist me) has helped with that and I can stay up late now if the opportunity arises.  I made a delicious quinoa veggie burger today and sweet potato salad.  I ate that in the backyard with Tucker.  I have a picture of this which I will put on my main page because its being slow to load. I also went bathing suit shopping today which is always a thrill. :) My old ones are a tad small so I thought I would get a new one for now. I kept repeating to myself how lucky I am to be able to buy a new bathing suit and how nice I will feel at the cottage and how perfect I am, when I started berating myself for weight gain.  I found a top but no bottom... not ideal but the bottom half will come along I'm sure.  So it was a lovely day and weekend.  Here is the video I was talking about above.  Love to all.  I am grateful for this community!  

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Comment by Elise Wilder on July 11, 2011 at 1:04am

Hi Megan,

Another wonderful blog post Ms. Megan.  And you hit the nail right on the head.  Going with the flow is exactly what I meant when I wrote "Downstream Dreams!"  One of my most important daily practices is heightening my awareness of when I begin to "resist" or "push against" anything.  The more I practice this the faster I get at "catching myself" or "noticing" that I am focused on what I don't want rather than what I DO want. 

It is very easy to get caught up in the trap of focusing on the "don't wants" because they are often in our face in a bigger more obvious physical pain, (like you mentioned  about your own experience), or another example would be an undesired confrontation with someone we feel has wronged us, (especially if most people would "side" and "agree" with us, therefore justifying the thought "they were wrong and I am right."  (then we have proof and evidence of their wrongdoing, right?) 

What I've noticed is that any time I have ever pushed against an unconscious act someone "did" to me, (which gratefully I rarely attract to me because I tend to gravitate toward really kind and conscious people---and thank you cool and kind friends by the way), I've later been able to see that their stinging words or criticism of me was effectively turning up the volume of a little voice I buried in me that actually agreed and resonated with what that person was saying.  Why would I want that hurtful thing to be true?  I wouldn't.  So what would I do then?  I would get busy turning down the volume of that little voice inside me that said, "What they're saying about me is true---I AM unworthy and I AM unlovable." 

I'd start pushing against them and collecting evidence that they were wrong about me.  (Especially when I was being really nice and they were mean for no reason?)  Those were the interactions that were most hurtful.  I could never understand how people could be so mean to one another?)

If there is a vibration alive in us, (no matter how cleverly hidden), it still emanates a very constant quiet vibration.  It whispers, "I'm not worthy---I'm not lovable"----so then every person and experience that is a direct match to those cleverly hidden, unwanted vibrational offerings MUST come to us. 

They must because it is the LAW.

When I came to understand that our self-degrading vibrations masterfully attract people who degrade us, well then----blaming someone else for anything seemed so silly.  Now I realize that it works like this: "Hey person who just ignored me when I smiled and said hello, you are my mirror and since I'm coveting the thought, "Nobody likes me, I am invisible," well then your act of ignoring me is a direct match to what I'm offering vibrationally so how can I even get mad at you?  We are a perfect fit.  Your words match my hidden inner beliefs about me.  But see, it's like this:  I don't want our "match" to draw my hidden self criticisms from my subconscious up into my conscious because then of course I'd have to deal with them.  Ohhhhh no.  I'd much rather get busy pointing the finger at YOU thereby taking the attention off some very uncomfortable beliefs that I decided were true about me, and as an act of self-preservation, buried deep within me long ago.  

We turn down the volume of what we covet you see. 

Our enemies can sometimes be our best teachers. 


PS.  I want to keep writing but I'm starting to fall asleep so I hope my letter above makes sense????  I will try to get back here tomorrow to hear more about you and your journey!  Yay for swimsuit shopping.  I'm sure you'll attract the perfect suit just for you.  Time with your friends at the fire sounded fun. 

OK my head is nodding.  I'll come back tomorrow so I can finish watching your video here. 

Warm thoughts,



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