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Day 32 or day 83? - JOB MANIFESTATION and the green reception

Let me get straight to the point - I have manifested a job offer.

I was right, I did make a great impression on Wednesday, and I will start working in about a week's time. Now that I have finally calmed down and stopped jumping around like a crazy person, I actually thought about how I attracted this job - which by the way has all attributes that I listed for my ideal job last week. And I realised that it goes all the way back to when I first started the challenge back in November.

I applied for this job ages ago and didn't really think about it, as I was applying all over the place last autumn. I heard back from the company around the time when I discovered Lilou's videos and this website, and I had a phone interview as I was getting ready to start my season - I was already blogging here, I believe.

Because I wasn't particularly sure about what kind of job I would like to attract at the time, I got hung up on another job I applied for around the same time, as I liked some aspects of it. I now realise that it wouldn't have been a suitable job for me, as I would only work with 4 other people and wouldn't really meet anyone through the job. And the office was really shabby. Still, even though things didn't feel quite right during the interview, I didn't want to admit that it wasn't the right job for me, and I was very upset when I didn't get the job, especially with all the visualising that I was doing.

But here's a kick: The offices of the two companies are actually based on the same street, and the houses are right next to each other. When I was so hung up on the other job, I would go to the company's location to know what to use in my visualisations, however I mistakenly thought that the other house is the one where the company was. The reception was green, modern and pretty, the building held several different offices, and I could easily see myself walking through that reception every day. So that's what I was visualising. Little did I know that the job I was yearning for so much was in a run down ugly building - and didn't even have a reception. And little did I know that I would actually end up going through that green reception every day.

Anyhow, after I got rejected for that job, I was quite upset and just decided to take a break from it all and go home for a month right after graduation. I essentially stopped doing all of the practices too. I didn't hear anything about my phone interview so I assumed I didn't get selected to proceed further in the first job either.

I resumed the challenge on 2nd January and all of the sudden, I hear that my phone interview was successful and that I had an interview towards the end of the month. My vibration must have been really high because I've had so many interview invitations in the past few weeks that it's crazy. Anyhow, thanks to the different interviews, I realised what kind of a job I really want, and made a list of qualities my ideal company and job should have. It basically said that I want to work for a company whose product I believe in, whose product really has the potential to improve people's lives. I wanted the company to be based in the city centre, and to work in a team of about 30 - 50 young professionals. I wanted the job to have an international context, to deal with international markets and possibly enable me to travel internationally.

And I finally secured the role that has been in the picture since early November, as I realised it ticks all the boxes on my list. Not only it's a perfect match for me, but I am a perfect match for the company. I will be responsible for the Czech and Slovak market of the organisation, and eventually will go there to give presentations about the product - which is great because I can have quick catching up with my friends and family there. The role won't be that rigid though, so I will also get to help out with UK accounts and accounts in Spanish speaking countries. The people that work for the organisation are mostly young, and some of them are from different countries. It seems like the perfect job for me. Did I mention the building is beautiful? I can't wait to really start going through that green reception :)

So anyhow, since I realised that this all draws back to my original beginning with the 100 day challenge, and my main goal was to manifest a job, I will probably start counting the days from my original start date, meaning that this is actually my day 83. It seems like the perfect timing to be wrapping up this season, set new goals and intentions and get started on my season 2 as I start with the new job.

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Comment by Raizel on February 3, 2013 at 10:34am

Thank you so much, you both have a big part in it as well as you both were raising my energy with your support and encouragement :) I love how all the past events make sense now, and I'm grateful for every company that rejected me because thanks to that I could get a job that I trully wanted :)

Comment by Stéphanie Thévenot on February 3, 2013 at 5:40am

WOW ! I'm really impressed too but not surprised... Your energy was so powerful that I felt it, that you were going where you really want to go !!! I'm very happy for you... Enjoy every piece of it ! Have a wonderful week-end !!! 

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