The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I chose the high flying disc when I listend to bob marley this morning on you tube! It makes me happy to listen as I prepared for work. I stood in front of my vision board and felt all the pices coming together. The more I practice the more I can feel the senations more and more.  I took an awesome long bath tonight! It was the right thing to do.I have got my nails done twice this month..reminds me how godo I feel when I take good care of myself as I should.  I am learning to not try to fix everything....I can  feel that my enough is enough. I am doing the thing I want to do for myself. and for my life. I am becoming more conscious of what I eat. I feel so GOOD!!! as I really see how much I am doing in my life to help my life. I am totally allowing all this greatness to come my way and the world opens to me.

On  more specific note. A friend that is not a friend to me, I see and now have the confidence to make a boundary with her. I my mom tried to pull me in to her drama, and I can identify it and not give it my attention,. I am patient and calm with myself as I slowly adjust myself and care for myself as needed. I am more and more patient with my partner and learn to be in this partnership. It is awesome!!! I am so damn pleased with all this amazing life changes I have and are constantly unfolding in my life due to focus on energy and  honestly with my self and my purpose and what I want and need for my soul. If my soul aint happy, I aint doing it and that is the end of that. I who ever disagrees with me and call some one who cares what they think!

wow...long rant. OK, more practical things: I imagine myself surrounded with good friends, many my good friends now are entertaining the idea of moving here to the coast. boy those are fun conversations :) I love talking about it!!   My boyfriend and I have so much fun together, I am so thankful and so grateful for that, and even our finances are evening out, I am so unbelievable grateful for that. I bet I have already mentioned this but my 5 day a week job turned in to a 3 day a week job and I love it!!! best manifestation by far lately!!!! WHOO OO!! love the free time, I love the honest and wonderful relationships I have with my besties, Liz and Jenni etc. I do have some good relationship. Things are coming together. I do what  a house. I do want to own my own home with my love, but I also what what was taken from me along time a go by y family,  my uncles home that was given to me. I want that as well. I want to have the plan plop in my lap for the non profit of my dreams that I keep thinking about!!  have so many good resources for the non profit!! people!! after my sister birthday this weekend I will have more time. SO THANKFUL THIS DAY!!!! last thing. on day 50 I started doing reikli again. BEST THING EVER. if you need to do something new and AWESOME!!!!! try reiki.. love you universe!! xoImage result for happiness explosion images

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