The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I took a shower as soon as I felt like I didn't want to feel. I changed my vibration with water therapy. today I laughed a lot at work. today I laid and relaxed with my dog. today I was so thankful and felt good about my life. Today ( actutally yesterday) I invested faith and trust in myself that I could have more control and discipline about what I eat, as I bought myself the low cal cheese snacks that I like and I snacked on those. Today I felt more aware than ever before of my body, my feelings, sensations, and what those do vs. what I wat to feel, I was able to have some power to change the way a feel for a better trajectory towards what I want. small movements but they are mine.

I did today choose to feel the high flying disc, I played with the ideas of foing art and had some creative thoughts about my art work, I haven't read yet but I am planning to do so after this,  I find things to watch, thing to do that align me with more parts of me, I accept my self, my feeling, I appreciate my truthfulness of  who I am.  I practiced reiki breathing today at work in my meetings, I accepted and didn't try to fix everything today, today I was conscious of how I am responsible for my life can I improve y day dreams as to improve my life experience.

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Comment by Chrystyna on October 19, 2014 at 7:38pm

I like that.  Showering to chance my mood.  Thanks.

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