The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I have had the day off and yesterday I had the night off from any other people. This has allowed me to go inside myself and spend some time with me. I am so grateful and appreciative for this experience! I have been listening to some good tracks which I have shared on my wall as videos. I have listened to myself and really cleaned up my " todo list" as well as spend time thinking about the thoughts I think to myself. I notice that some of these thoughts can be improved upon, and may be reflecting an old and now distant reality. How can I bring my thoughts up to sped with my current reality?  A reality where I am loved, respected and protected by those around me. A reality where I am completely safe right where I am. A reality where I have the power to change my situation if I do not like it.  I have totally mastered my own universe and I notice that this could reflect a lot better in the thoughts that I think. I see this as excellent news!!!  I am patient and kind with myself and others. I remind myself that everything is OK and there is nothing to fear as I unfold more and more in to the reality of my ever evolving dreams. This is so exciting!!!

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