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All is well. I'm going to a focus group at my gym tonight to get a voucher for a free massage and sending out e-mails to cancel interviews, which is a weird feeling. Almost surreal. Also dealing with a few last minute medical check ups to get that out of the way before I start at my new job.

Yesterday I was at Boots looking for a new facial scrub, and as I was comparing two neutrogena ones, a shop assistant approached me and told me that "the range is aimed at blemish-prone skin" and that my skin was good so it's not really the best option for me. I told her that I have good makeup, and she replied that I could probably use it for the occassional blemish or two. Have I turned into a person that only has an occassional blemish or two? It took me a bit to process that, but it feels pretty neat. I wish I could package that moment in a bubble and send it to my 20 or 21-year old self, as that was when my skin was the worst. There's always hope, and I'm reminded of that every day.

I've decided to finish Season 1 towards the end of this week and start my Season 2 next Monday. Which means that I'll be ending it about a week early, however it feels right as my aims and goals are now changing and I just keep thinking about all the new intentions I can set now that I've manifested basically everything that I wanted from my season one - a job that seems like a great match for me, a better living situation (although I haven't moved I started to like my place a lot more), improved health and clearer skin, and a lot more self-love (which is really what made all of the previously mentioned stuff happen). Moving on to the next season seems like a natural step now. I will probably make a video to sum Season 1 up soon :)

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Comment by Raizel on February 7, 2013 at 8:15pm

Thank you both, I hope your seasons are going great as well!

Comment by Sunny Side Up on February 5, 2013 at 10:15pm

Congratulations on an amazing season! There is only more abundance to come!

Comment by Kris on February 5, 2013 at 6:49pm

Congratulations on all the things accomplished in this season!!! I am happy for you! I hope your next season is even better!

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