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Last night I was in tears for some reason... I feel like I am going through a transformation, stuff is being uncovered and released and it's all out of my hands. Yesterday I felt like I just want to be able to release and let go of trying, but then I end up trying to not try and it's all very frustrating. 

But then I awoke this morning, and I wrote my stuff. I breathed and went into the day knowing all is well. All is well. When I thought that I was doing things wrong, that I am not thinking right..then I felt bad. But when I changed for a moment and said to myself, "I am doing things right, look how well I am doing", I felt better immediately.

 It made me realize how I'm not doing anything right or wrong, I'm only thinking it all. So I might as well believe I'm doing it right, and feel good. =)

So even thought I felt a little whoozy yesterday and this morning, I manifested the most amazing day! 

I received my belly-dance DVD From A to Zoe, 3 weeks early!!! That NEVER happens in Ireland!! I couldn't believe it, I was so excited to receive it and open it up. From now on I intend to practise bellydancing everyday.

I visited an old school friend just to say goodbye (because by the grace of god I am moving to the capital. =D) And we had a most wonderful time, it was the first time I connected with her in that way since we were together years ago. I felt so great and blessed. And we had so many synchronicities I felt like I was flowing downstream with creation.

I went jogging this morning and did some dance and stretching when I came home. 


I am grateful to be here with my family, I have the perfect family and home and I enjoy life. 


Yeah so that's a pretty big manifestation, moving to Dublin! =D eh?  Isn't that bloody terrific, I am so glad. Finally to get out of here and see some people. More opportunities. Perhaps I'll make it as a dancer. Or an actress..I'll be meeting with the director of the last film to talk about my next steps. Also I had a great idea, I will sit by the playground with my facepaints and face paint children for like 3 euro a face! Brilliant way to make some money. 

Thank the lord for the inspiration and the means and all these wonderful things in my life.

Happy day.

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Comment by Annabelle Satori on June 12, 2012 at 3:07am

You're such an inspiration! Thanks!

Comment by Laila on June 12, 2012 at 1:26am

that is awesome! i hope everything works out in Dublin! good luck!

Comment by Philip Daniel Miles on June 11, 2012 at 6:23pm

That's awesome how you managed to do your routine's have doubt but still have the strength to pull yourself through so you can see that in every moment is a new creation and you can reinvent any situation into a blissful experience :) insperation read I intend that we all live blissfull throught and after every rough experience x

Comment by Mona on June 11, 2012 at 4:23pm

Beautifully expressed! Loved how you stepped away from yourself and realized it's all your thinking, there is NOTHING happening to you that you are not first perceiving or being... Thanks for the share :)

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