The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Last night I decided to join the gym and go there after I drop Aiden off at school. I was shoe shopping in my dream. Someone told me that I needed more support for my feet. I also was working at a hotel or inn and
there were a lot of spiritual people there. One of them said that god told her
to look for a message falling out of the sky. We were watching some kids throw
a ball around in a park and trying to catch the leaves falling from the sky but
could not find the message. That is when the rest of my dream transpired. A
message falling out of the sky all right.

This morning my spirit guides reminded me of what I have to lose, and to appreciate them. They reminded me that I am not the only vulnerable one. In a dream, Jon was killed in a river. I saw him being attacked
(by his mother no less, but later it seemed to be a mother cat, like a cougar
or something) and then I was there asking the police to look harder for his
body. A wave brought him up river to us. Then I was at my Mom's surrounded by
people. I remembered life insurance and asked Mom to call them. I was devastated.
The next day I tried to head out to my house, all I wanted to do was to smell
him again. I was trying to find one of his shirts and thinking about stopping
at the store to buy some of his deodorant. I was too upset to find the house so
I went to Terry and asked her to help me. All this time I have been mourning my
near death, and feeling like I was not appreciated enough for still being here.
I forgot to appreciate the other people in my life somewhere along the way.
I've certainly changed my way of seeing things now.

I appreciate those who are still here with me. Mourning your near death is important, but don't forget to appreciate the people in your life who love you as well. Please don't feel like they don't appreciate your continued
existence enough. They may not recognize the significance of you still being
here. But they love you none the less. And take the time to appreciate them
still being here as well.

Love everything you can. Love everyone you can. Focus only on things you love, feel love, and you will experience that love and joy coming back to you-multiplied!
The law of attraction must send you back more things to love. As you radiate
love… the entire Universe is doing everything for you, moving every joyful
thing... to you, and moving every good person to you. In truth, it is. (The
Secret Daily Teachings iApp)

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Comment by Aimee Grimmel on March 10, 2010 at 10:08am
Thank you John. My thoughts are with those children as well. May they grow up knowing that love is possible and that they can have it, and may they find it somewhere, if not from their family.

I know that my spirit will live on, and that my son will be able sense me with him, and others at times. But I was not ready to leave this world, and I have had a difficult time these last 18 months dealing with nearly dying. Now I have a different way of viewing what I have in my life. A renewed appreciation for those I love. And my sense of frustration has subsided.

Thanks again.

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