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My 'story' - anxiety and fatigue

I took a little break from electronics when I was at the cottage.  I had a great week with family and am grateful for that.  I would love to stop there or continue with the fun details of my trip BUT my mind keeps going to thoughts that I could have been feeling better and enjoying things even more if I didn't have so much fear.  There is, what I label as, 'anxiety' in my life a lot of the time.  And more so in the last week or so.  I am present with it and try to love it and let it do its thing but it doesn't feel good and often I can't stop thinking about how much I don't want it.  It doesn't always prevent me from doing stuff but sometimes it does.  Sometimes it ruins an outing or dinner.  Rude.  But anyway,  I have also experienced a lot of fatigue over the last year.  It is much better than two months ago but I am still attached to the story of adrenal fatigue and low thyroid that my naturopath provided me.  I will be minding my own business and enjoying whatever activity and then my energy starts to wane and gets worse and worse until I start to panic.  I have tried to catch any thoughts that are causing this but nothing has surfaced yet.  I do EFT, I repeat affirmations, I send love and light, I distract myself, I splash my face with cold water etc.  Sometimes I can get through it and sometimes I can't.  All this is to say that there is evidence that when I even slightly overexert myself or the conditions aren't ideal, I get an energy crash and anxiety follows.  Or my energy is ok and anxious and fearful thoughts are there.  How can I improve these symptoms without talking about them or thinking about them?  Because if I talk and think about them they will expand.  But if I'm not consciously thinking about them, my subconscious seems to do it anyway because they pop up.  And I'm really defensive about defending my position of having some energy challenges.  My dad and step mom are pushing me to get back to lifting weights and going to the gym because they see that I was happier and healthier when I was doing that.  But every time I do any exercise other than a 30 min walk or 30 min yoga lately, I feel like shit so I don't want to do it right now.  I feel they think I am just scared or lazy.  Or I guess I feel that way about myself.  I am really wrapped up in this low energy and anxiety business and have gathered all this evidence to prove that these things are happening to me.  This is not going to get me anywhere though...  I want to respect my body and do what's best for myself but don't want to be so wrapped up in this story.  I'm confused.  It all seems so complicated right now.  I'm sure it's not. :)

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Comment by Megan on July 26, 2011 at 10:17pm
Thanks Joanna.  I had a 3 hour session with my EFT guy who I hadn't gone to see in a while.  I was in need of a major tune up!  It unlocked a lot of old emotions and I am feeling much more clear and peaceful today.  I will definitely check out that book.  Have you ever used GABA?

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