The 100 Day Reality Challenge

People I've met with beautiful souls... to draw or paint how I see their (inner) "world"

Day 3 season 1

I was reading daily news from someone and I had this global vision or sensation of the inner beauty of  that person I knew. More precisely: about the world she is building.  So I got inspired to represent her "own particular glow" in a drawing.

This person is a sweet dreamer. She is very compassionate. She studied to become a social worker. She also started to practice her passion: to  tattoo people. She loves tea and London, etc. Altogether, she has a unique "universe" very rich and endearing. I am glad I crossed her path in this life. This is what I drew to say " hi beautiful soul I have met".

I had flashes of other images about my friends but a fear stopped me from continuing.

I became afraid that some people would be sad or hurt to be drawn after other people.

I was scared that they would believe that I  prefer someone I'd draw before them... while it's more about inspired images coming up. I was also scared of their reaction to the differences of techniques I would use. For example: one of my friends inner world inspires me a painting of  a mix of sea world and plants. what if  others would be sad to be a "black and white drawing". (Although on this post, the drawing  is black and white because drawn as an imaginary tattoo).

This day 3 makes me realize that I need to get passed the fear created by imagining  what others might think or feel. The result of this fear  is that for six images that came to my mind, I stopped right after the first one. I must pass this and continue with this groove. If it has been inspired, I must let it come out to show myself that I accept inspiration and that it is welcome to  flow through me.

And that's already the third thing I am rebooting since I've started this 100 day reality challenge... this is exciting :D

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Comment by Mily So Cavaco on June 18, 2015 at 2:44pm


Comment by Bettina on June 18, 2015 at 8:41am

  ...   do everything out of love and not out of fear   : )

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