The 100 Day Reality Challenge

just an update on my manifestation journey


manifesting the good:

free vocal lessons

a live performance scheduled nov 29th

revelation, wisdom and peace

a great relationship with my husband

great events with my kids

my 1st horseback ride

old friends coming back into my life

money money and more money


manifesting the bad:

I cant really say anything about this I don't make to much time for negative stuff but I do find myself complaining real quick but I try to stop even quicker. sometimes I get frustrated I have 4 kids sure you understand but I quickly try to turn it around


my practices: I practice gratitude a lot..i keep a journal of things that I am thankful for that day along with pics I took was pitch black dark and a million stars out so I took my 2 yr old and went out and sang twinkle twinkle little star and took pics or when I let them ride the scooters in walmart (bending the rules a bit for fun why not) and took pics those are moments we will always remember.

I also practice prayer and meditation

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Comment by Heather Marie on August 22, 2015 at 3:24pm
Makes me smile

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